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the state of sony’s woes

31 Jan

Sony, that huge electronics and media behemoth, is struggling with its latest PlayStation games console. Over on Rational Geekery, I explain why the platform isn’t necessarily a lost cause and highlight a couple of options open to Sony.

recommended reading: the vietnam factor

31 Jan

Snowflake has written an excellent analysis of why she thinks a Vietnam veteran can never become president.

conway on the take to the tune of Â£1.5m

30 Jan

Iain Dale may be keeping tight-lipped*, but The Daily Mail reports that Derek Conway has cost the taxpayer £1,535,716.70 in the past 6-years.

Jesus. H. Fucking. Christ.

Slippery Dave looks a bit of a pillock now, doesn’t he? Now the Conway family have creamed off over one-and-a-half million of our money, I wonder, could they kindly visit their local police station, pick out a particularly cold and damp cell, and settle down for a very, very long time?

I understand that a lot of the Tory bloggers have criticised Conway in non-too-pleasent prose, and I respect them for it. I for one can stand up and say that I have slated every political party when they’ve broken the rules, so I can slate this particular family of twats without conscience.

via. westmonster

This blogs position: Iain’s blog, Iain’s prerogative.

at least dk is consistant

29 Jan

Devil’s Kitchen takes on Derek “Pocket-money” Conway: –

You are a fucking disgrace, Mr Derek Conway MP, and yet the real tragedy is that I am simply not surprised. The longer that I examine the political system in this country, and those who inhabit it, the more obvious it becomes that the whole of it is rotten to the very stinking, putrid core. The system is rotten because those who inhabit it are charlatans, thieves, hypocrites, liars and scum.

why some of us warned tory bloggers to keep their trap shut

29 Jan

The Guardian: –

Tory MP facing suspension ‘paid another son’

A senior Tory MP facing suspension from the House of Commons for paying his son out of MPs’ staffing allowances could have the whip withdrawn and be questioned by police amid allegations that he paid a second son.

Derek Conway yesterday apologised “unreservedly” to MPs after being reprimanded by the Commons Standards and Privileges Committee for paying his son, Frederick, more than £40,000 between 2004 and 2007 when he was an undergraduate at Newcastle University.

When most people couldn’t give a monkeys about politics, is it any wonder it attracts such contemptible scoundrels?

casting the net – kennedy’s had enough of clintonian bitching

28 Jan

Today’s blog review is up at LC.

Off into Nottingham – it was Mrs. tyger’s birthday yesterday so she wants to be spoiled. No doubt this will mean the Visa will get a hammering, but she’s worth it (I may even get to squeeze in a few record & electronics shops). I have a few ideas for posts this week. Hopefully I’ll get chance to do some writing. I seem to be being pulled in every direction at the moment.

casting the net – gord the weirdo and a lib dem blog spat

24 Jan

Casting the net is up at LC.

Highlights include a goth-related shitstorm in the Lib Dem blogosphere.