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Thanks Akismet and thank you

31 Oct

Akismet has caught 7,448 spam for you since you first installed it.

Akismet is a WordPress plugin that prevents spamming bastards from ruining tygerland; for this I owe it a great debt. There have been 1,745 legitimate comments on tygerland since it moved over from, and for this I thank all the readers.


Video the Vote

31 Oct

Video the Vote is an organisation dedicated to exposing and preventing voter intimidation and misallocation in next week’s midterm elections over in the US.

Readers should be aware of a company called Diebold Inc. which supplies e-voting machines. In 2003, Diebold’s then CEO Walden O’Dell wrote to President Bush:

“I am committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president.”

A couple of years later O’Dell left the company following reports that the company was facing fraud charges of insider trading. Sounds like a diehard Republican to me.

Lock the Doors

31 Oct

Maybe next time the speaker demands that they “Lock the Doors,” someone ought to throw away the key. Let the muppets think about what they have just done.

Motion Defeated

31 Oct

The government win by 25 votes.

Where’s the Ming?

31 Oct

Well the Lib Dems put Ming into the Top Job because, supposedly, he is a ‘foreign affairs heavyweight’. So? Where was the Mingster tonight at the big Iraq debate?

Charlie Kennedy was rather good though….

Playing War Games

31 Oct

I thought, somewhat foolishly, that this Labour government wouldn’t resort to the sort of nonsense that is peddled in the States. Over there, vice-president Dick Cheney is arguing that the escalating violence in Iraq is designed to tip the balance in favour of the Democrats in next week’s midterm elections. Over here, Margaret Becket is arguing that any parliamentary debate over the build up to the Iraq War would undermine the troops in the field and send the wrong message to our enemies.

Is there anything worse than politicians using the war and pseudo-patriotism for political gain?

Yeah, I know, it’s nothing new…

Alex Salmond twists the knife

31 Oct