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I’ve already linked to it, but…

30 Mar

…if you have any passing affection for the English language, you HAVE to read Gill’s latest review in The Sunday Times. Gill sculpts his words with all the genius of Michelangelo and the bile of a spurned lover ::

…I bet she was livid for getting turfed off an aeroplane, having to be told off by a customer anger facilitator and spending another four hours in an airport, all for calling some big bloke in a uniform an arsehole. If she’d known, at least she could have called him a suppurating sphincter-faced poxed toothpick-pricked moronic dribbling lackey loser of an arsehole.

Never has a Murdoch coin been better spent, than on Gill’s salary. Fact.

The irregular quote of the day II

30 Mar

Gary Younge, writing in today’s Guardian ::

Instead the government continues to approach Muslims as though their religion defines them. It rarely speaks to them as tenants, parents, students or workers; it does not dwell on problems that they share with everyone else; it does not convene high profile task forces to look at how to improve their daily lives. It summons them as Muslims, talks to them as Muslims and refers to them as Muslims – as though they could not possibly be understood as anything else.

Now *that’s* a word

30 Mar


The irregular quote of the day

30 Mar

From The Sunday Times, by the saintly A.A. Gill ::

Airports are anthologies of parables, illuminating the eternal truths of humanity, one of which is: the greater the luxury, privilege and entitlement, the greater the self-pity, disappointment, blame and anger.

Everyone must see this

27 Mar

Charlie Brooker ponders MSM coverage of mass shootings ::

via. via.

Gamey times

26 Mar

Edge reports that US video game hawkers, GameStop, have increased sales despite our current economic clusterfuck. A surprise? Well, not really.

GameStop — an American gaming chain — has proven with $8.8bn sales, and a 24% year-on-year increase in business, that when times are tough, we have a habit of turning to smoting Zombies .

Now if you’re an appalling gaming whore like me, it’s arguably always Halo-time. But you have to admit, while difficult times usually, in my experience at least, put people off spending, stress and economic uncertainty tends to make people slaughter each other online all the more.

Hell, if we can’t afford that trip to Agent Provocateur or a weekly night out at a fancy restaurant, the least we can expect is a session with the Master Chief, a pastrami-sandwich, and frag-fest of the highest order .

I mean, that’s cheap (well, sort of).

The Apprentice Returns…

25 Mar

…and we have weeks to mull over another bunch of arrogant nitwits who’ll get shown up as incompetent charlatans.

And we wonder why this country’s in the shitter?

The Apprentice proves one thing. For the all the constant bitching about politicians on the blogosphere (and I know, I’ve done my share of it), we can be comforted in the knowledge that the cream of the commercial world are just as rubbish.

Somehow this makes me feel better and worse at the same time.