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The PM debate drinking game

3 Sep

Is see the Murdoch press is still flogging this election debate stunt…

Broadcasters compete to chair prime ministerial election debate

No sooner had The Times revealed that advisers to the three main political party leaders had touted Sir David Frost as a possible host, than David Dimbleby, the chairman of Question Time on BBC One, was keen to show his interest in the job.

John Humphrys, Adam Boulton, Andrew Neil and Justin Webb are among the other interviewers keen to take on the job…

I can’t think of three people I would less like to watch speak for an hour.

And thanks to the promised “rigidly scripted format”, you can be sure it’ll be even more tedious.

The only reason I might watch, is if Brown agrees. While admittedly the PM is as boring as A-Level Math, watching him isn’t without potential excitement. You never quite know when a gaffe will come… but you know it’s coming.

Maybe we can all have a drinking game via Twitter?

Whenever Gordie drops a bollock, we drink. Whenever Cameron says something smug, we drink. I fancy we’ll all be pissed inside 20 minutes.

If you fall asleep during a Nick Clegg answer, you lose.

Everyone must see this

27 Mar

Charlie Brooker ponders MSM coverage of mass shootings ::

via. via.

The Apprentice Returns…

25 Mar

…and we have weeks to mull over another bunch of arrogant nitwits who’ll get shown up as incompetent charlatans.

And we wonder why this country’s in the shitter?

The Apprentice proves one thing. For the all the constant bitching about politicians on the blogosphere (and I know, I’ve done my share of it), we can be comforted in the knowledge that the cream of the commercial world are just as rubbish.

Somehow this makes me feel better and worse at the same time.

Stuart Lee’s comedy vehicle

16 Mar

If you only watch one TV show (and believe me, I watch almost nothing), you’ll watch Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle.


Finally, a TV show that doesn’t treat me as vacuous, culturally barren moron (which I probably am).

Lists: Ten things on TV that aren’t wank

29 Dec

I was challenged, so…

Ten things on TV that aren’t wank

1. South Park

2. The Wire

3. The X Factor (Mock me. I don’t care)*

4. Stephen Fry

5. Top Gear (yeah, I know it’s fake)

6. EuroNews/al Jazeera

7. Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe

8. Graham Linehan

9. The Simpsons (still relevant)

10. The Daily Show

btw. I would have found Ten things on Radio 4 that aren’t wank much easier. Also, note the volume of US content. So much for the superiority of British TV. I could have added The Shield, Arrested Development, Entourage, The Office (US) and 30 Rock.

*Yeah, it’s often wank

Lists: Ten things on TV that are wank

29 Dec

Ten things on TV that are wank…

1. The One Show

2. Soaps, especially depressing ones (which is all of them)

3. Anything starting with the word “Celebrity…”

4. Mark [fucking] Lawrenson

5. Bargain Hunt

6. Antony Worrall Thompson

7. The [fucking] Tweenies

8. News 24

9. Anything with Graham Norton in it, that isn’t Father Ted

10. My Family (ever since Nick left)

Best of 2008

16 Dec

Lists, lists, lists. Everyone doing ’em, so why not me? The 2007 list is here.

Best Record
Kings of Leon – Only by the Night
Well I can’t say I’ve been blown away by any one record this year, but Kings of Leon are making very good music. I actually think – shock, horror! – that there are some good pop records in the charts at the moment, too.

Best Film
The Dark Knight
Well it was the year of the comic book movie. We had Iron Man, Hulk, Hell Boy II and Wanted (and those are just the ones off the top of my head). I’d say that Dark Knight wins out with Iron Man a close second. I also enjoyed Burn After Reading.

Best TV Show
The Wire – Series 5
The Wire is simply the best television programme ever made. Period.

Best Book
I’ve read no new fiction this year. I spent most of my time reading old John le CarrĂ© books and Graham Greene. I’ll have to remedy this in ’09.

Best Podcast
This American Life
This is probably the choice that has caused me to ponder most, as I listen to oodles of podcasts. But This American Life has provided the most memorable and beautiful moments. Subscribe, if you haven’t already. Worthy mentions to The Collings and Herrin Podcast [sic], Sarcastic Gamer and Football Weekly.

Best Radio Show
Adam & Joe
Funny and creative. Brilliant, basically.

Best Video Game
Gears of War 2
It’s been another cracking year for gaming. GTA4 was outstanding, Far Cry 2 was a surprisingly deep game, and Left 4 Dead (which I get for XMAS) looks great. Nothing quite topped GOW2 though. It’s awesome. The art style is incredible. The level design spectacular. And the weapons rock. Epic.

Best Gadget
I haven’t got one. I can’t quite give up my BlackBerry (or switch to O2). However the app-store has made the iPhone a serious proposition. The utility of the device – theoretical and realised – is astonishing. I will get one, eventually.

Best App
I have adored this app all year. I have run GMail and Google Reader constantly using Fluid and it has made life much easier. I’ve also been mega-impressed with Skitch.

Best Political Blog
Chicken Yoghurt
Justin has simply rocked this year. One of the best writers in the medium. Sadie’s Tavern would be a worthy mention too.

Best Non-political Blog
This blog has made me – figuratively – piss myself all year.

Best Politician
Barack Obama

Best Newspaper
The Guardian
It better watch its back. The Guardian has lost its way a little this year. It’s still the best paper, though.

Best sportsperson
MS Dhoni
Finally, someone’s made a team out of the Indians. They’ve always had the talent (although the current team is pretty darn hot).