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We’re lovin’ it

30 Oct

Adjacent to a story about scare-mongering food studies…

… a McDonalds burger ad. I’m lovin’ it.

g8 agrees a 50% cut in emissions by 2050

8 Jul

Now regular readers may be aware that I’m something of a Climate Change agnostic, that said, I *would* like to see a reduction in carbon-based energy. It’s finite and dirty.

Okay, I have no idea if greenhouse gases will lead to a global apocalypse (I have a feeling that they probably wont), but I can see a definite benefit in diversifying our energy needs as oil and gas-based energy fucks with our trade balance and funds some of the most dangerous regimes in the world.


There is not a hope in hell that the G8 will deliver on this promise, and no way will other major developing economies (see BRIC) tow the line. Anyway, what use the G8 when it excludes China, an economy which will surpass Germany in terms of nominal GDP soon (it probably already has, China manipulates its growth rates down), and is one of the world’s biggest consumers of carbon-based energy?

We’re addicted to oil and now, more than at any time since 1914, we live in an organic global economy that has made national politics almost irrelevant. We’re at the mercy of cycles beyond the capacity of governments. All we can hope for is that good governance makes the good times better and last that little bit longer. As for these clowns getting us off oil? No chance. They lack the foresight and balls to tell the corporatised-media and the lobbyists to go fuck themselves.

As we’ve seen with crop conversions to inefficient variants of biofuels, where short-sightedness and lobbyist influence have ultimately led to riots across Asia and South America (as food prices rocket), these politicians are morons. In this country they neither play a good game nor talk a good one. They’re self-interested yes-men, and we’re the suckers who vote for them.

Climate Change and Islamic Terror are one and the same. Reasons for the mob to shit themselves and willingly put their future into the care of witless politicians, who take their cue from those with the real money and power.

50% by 2050? What a crock…

casting the net – rightwing revisionism, and the left fighting back

21 Jan

Today’s netcast is up, over at LC.


Mrs. tyger is back from Madrid, and has brought back some tasty Iberian dried ham. It’s so yummy. I rushed out for fresh coffee and Petit Pains, and we had a continental breakfast to die for. Now Mrs. tyger and her sister have gone into Nottingham shopping – with the kids(!!!!), leaving me the afternoon to myself. Well, I have coffee and XBOX so I’ll be fine, don’t worry.

I’m going to be really busy for the rest of the week on a finance project (yeah, I have my accounting hat on again), so blogging (even maybe even the netcast) will be irregular.

food poker

15 Nov

I just caught 5-minutes of BBC Two’s new afternoon show, Food Poker.

My conclusion?

Western Civilisation is fucked.

the irregular meal of the day

16 Oct

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omelette with salad, originally uploaded by

German sausage, cheese, and onion omelette with simple salad.


29 Oct

Went out into town for a walk. Spotted a new Chinese buffet, and well it would rude not to give it a go…

Glorious weather. It’s supposed to be October. That’s what the calender says, you just can’t trust anyone or anything anymore.