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Oh dear

31 Jan

It appears that the BBC2 drama I plugged here, has dropped something of a bollock with a Guidoesque mock-up of a blog pretending to be a sort of PopBitch for Westminster copulation. Quite a good idea you may think, but the problem is in the execution. It’s rubbish.

Via: Ministry of Truth

The irregular photo of the day

31 Jan

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I understand this region is in Slovakia and Poland. Maybe one of my European based readers can help?

Coming to a store near you

31 Jan

Hat-Tip: GU Newsblog

A This Life for the Westminster crowd?

31 Jan

I’m sure it’s entirely exaggerated and trashy, but Party Animals, the new BBC2 political drama should be worth a watch.

Tonight BBC2 9pm.

I can’t imagine it’ll be as cutting or as good as Armando Iannucci’s The Thick of It, but at least it promises more shagging.

The Bolívarian revolution is on the march

31 Jan

The Venezuelan parliament has handed President Hugo Chávez sweeping new powers that will empower him to reverse the neo-liberal privatisations of previous governments. He also plans to use the new powers to devolve power back to the grass roots by creating communal councils.

Bush’s intelligence Tzar, John Negroponte, claimed Chávez poses a threat to democracy by promoting “radical populism,” which, we can only assume, is contrary to Bush’s preferred “radical un-populism.” Ha!

The GP contract balls-up

31 Jan

I’m struggling to find time to blog at the moment (although I hope to get something written tonight), however, if indeed you required further evidence of ministerial incompetence – check this out. In his third term Blair has gone for loyalty over competence (understandable when you consider the TB-GBie infighting).

Brown needs to have a serious clearout. There is a lot of dead wood in the Blair cabinet. Even Paul Burgin over on Mars Hill has had enough. Tick tock, tick…

Super Blunder

30 Jan

So Manchester is going to be the home of the Government’s Super Casino.

The Casino Advisory Panel has decided, much we assume to the chagrin of Precott’s buddy Philip Anschutz, that Manchester is a more worthy locale for the leviathan entertainment complex than Blackpool or The Dome.

This is a decision as surprising as London gazumping of Paris for the 2012 Olympics, and equally as misguided. I’m not suggesting that The Dome or Blackpool would make a better home for a huge casino-town, no I would argue that the whole idea of a super-casino is a tragic move for a supposedly progressive government.

Businesses should be free to operate freely in as unregulated a market as reasonably feasible, and if that means casinos and tittie-bars, then so be it (let local residents worry about that, let them control developments locally). But for a government of left, or any government for that matter, to be actively encouraging and promoting a gambling culture is incredibly reckless.

In Russia gambling is a major social ill. Even small suburbs have casinos. The Orthodox Church does a great deal of good work in helping those who are addicted to gambling. Such is the extent of the problem in Russia; new laws have been passed to outlaw gambling in the towns and cities by 2009 (itself moving all gambling operations to four super-casino sites far from the major towns and cities). But here in Britain we are encouraging more casinos in our towns (there are three classes of casino being proposed: Super, Large, and Small).

This ‘progressive’ government is planning on actively encouraging its people to become enslaved to the curse that is gambling. Who could have dreamt that a party that was founded in part by the temperance movement would bring such a plague on the homes of so many? They should be ashamed of themselves.