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28 weeks later

30 Jun

Just watched the movie 28-Weeks later.

Now, I’m a bit of a veteren of horror films. My father is an old master – I’ve never seen the guy flinch. Ever. We saw everything when we were growing up. All the old classics, the stuff from the ’70s and ’80s, and everything that came out. I decided that horrors wern’t for me about 10-years ago, but my sister is still a big fan. I decided, on the strength of the first film, to give 28-weeks later a viewing.

It was too much for me. I crapped it.

I never want to see that film again. Period.

hot and sticky

30 Jun

Nice title, eh?

The weather here has been awful today. It’s been raining, so wearing a jacket on my walk into the city (in search of the second series of The Wire on DVD – FAIL*) was a necessity. But it was also t-shirt hot, so inside my jacket I was sweltering. Indeed, on exiting a shop near home, I decided to leave my jacket off and just bear the rain in my polo shirt.

I’m now drying off in the apartment. Double FAIL.

*how the watery twat, can self-styled hip DVD stores, which stock all 85 episodes of Allo Allo, not stock copies of the best fucking TV show in history? So infuriating. Amazon it is, then.

islamic europe

30 Jun

Following Sunny’s latest post at LC, I have just read Mark Steyn’s 6,000+ word essay on his views on the Islamification of Europe.

I’ve read a great deal of Steyn in the past. He used to be a regular in both the Telegraph and the Spectator, not to mention his contributions to Canadian, Australian, and US publications, so I know his style, and more importantly, his agenda – think Mad Mel on steroids.

It’s a remarkable piece of polemic writing. He repeatedly inserts touchstone conservative issues – socialised medicine, abortion, welfare, militarism – into the piece, even when you would think they contradict his position (i.e. his overriding theme is that Westerners aren’t producing enough children, yet he attacks state childcare provision).

Steyn, like many rightwing polemicists, doesn’t let reality get in the way, and often employs incredibly weak “facts” to support his argument. Early in the piece, he attacks Europe as a “post-Christian civilization” (i.e. we have moved on from Christ), yet compares British church attendance against that of Mosques to make a demographical point.

Of course Steyn, while being a bit of a calculating shit, is actually dealing with important concerns, and is right when he states that demographical factors should be higher up the liberal agenda. We *are* ignoring the fact that our populations are shrinking. We are obsessed with touchstone social issues, when in fact we should be doing everything we can to increase birth rates.

I think Steyn is also right to say that excessive state welfare leads to a politically-impotent population, who are tied to social-democratic politics because they refuse to give up its benefits. The Result? Perpetual government where the necessary liberal radicalism is absent. This allows the right to seize the initiative and provide radical rightwing measures to any occurring societal concerns – see major changes in the ethnic and religious balance, and a resulting indigenous backlash.

Liberals must face up to the West’s dwindling populations. If we want to ensure we maintain the generous benefits and standards of living, we have to stabilise our demographics.

Also the rise of Islamism *is* a concern. Likewise a rise in a rigid form of Christianity should be a concern. We’re Liberals. We have very little in common with religious dogma, in particular the misogynistic and intolerant form of Islam which is rising in popularity. By choosing not to engage with Islam on multicultural grounds, and allowing our elites to kowtow to religious leaders at every opportunity, we ignore the impact of Islam’s illiberal mandate on our liberal society.

Let’s not vacate the forum because we’re frightened of offending an ethnic minority. If we do, society will see that liberals have no narrative on this issue. And we’ll then leave the floor to rightwing fruit-bats like Mr. Steyn and their solutions.

another hitler!

29 Jun

It appears that Noam Chomsky, a Jewish-American linguist, scholar and writer, is as bad as “Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao Tse-tung, Joseph Stalin, Vlad Tepes, and Immanuel Kant.” (Kant? WTF?)

I think Greg lost me when he wrote ::

…think about the most evil people that have ever lived and think of what those people have done. Think about Adolf Hitler…

C’mon, Chomsky is just a thinker, whether you agree with him or not.

Bandying around words like “Hitler”, in comparison, is just plain lazy… and somewhat predictable.

Now, a measure of perspective from the author would be most welcome. (h/t Richard)

who says the public want 42-days?

29 Jun

From a comment by David Boothroyd over at LC.

…the best guess is that the majority of the electorate agrees, reluctantly, that terrorism charges sometimes need extended pre-charge detention.

In fairness, no-one has effectively put the argument to the people, so this much bandied about public acceptance, is a red-herring.

Of course, in polling, you usually get the answer you’re after as modelling the questions is a fine art. What we need is a real referendum…

What David Davis is doing – to his credit – is asking people to have a referendum on the issue. He’s calling you out, and as Labour has conveyed its reluctance to field a pro-42 days candidate, this surely indicates that they are afraid that the public actually doesn’t feel the way they constantly claim.

Labour should stand by its principles, field a candidate, and make this a real referendum on 42-days.

Full stop.

annoying frenchman

29 Jun

Uefa President Michel Platini never misses an opportunity to have a go at the English, and the Premier League.

Apparently, the three-time European Player of the Year, has endorsed Christiano Ronaldo’s proposed move from Manchester United to Real Madrid. Now let’s get something straight: United don’t want to sell Ronaldo. Ronaldo is one of the best players in the world and Manchester United, let’s not forget, are European Champions – i.e. the best club in Europe.

Now what fucking business does Platini have in getting involved in club affairs? RONALDO IS A UNITED PLAYER AND IS NOT FOR SALE! If Platini wants to be the European game’s president he should start twatting acting like it. Not queering club business by sticking his oar in, where it has no place. Everyone knows the continentals hate it that British football is back on top, but they really shouldn’t be using their position to fuck us over quite so openly. (And no I’m not a Man Utd fan.)

I know plenty of Englishmen – my father for one – who have an irrational loathing of the French, so I’m sure it’s reciprocated. Our media are the worst offenders etc. But surely now, we can put this pointless mutual distrust behind us and start acting like neighbours and fellow Europeans? Platini, in his position, really should be leading from the front on this. But I guess he’s just another cliché, you know… an annoying Frenchman. *sighs*

another mccain gaffe

29 Jun

No wonder there is so little public support for John McCain. Every time the senator opens his mouth, he puts his foot in it. With gas prices making US families feel poorer than ever, it’s amazing the presidential hopeful could be so callous ::

Reporter: “When was the last time you pumped your own gas and how much did it cost?”

MCCAIN: “Oh, I don’t remember. Now there’s Secret Service protection. But I’ve done it for many, many years. I don’t recall and frankly, I don’t see how it matters.

Via Daily Kos.