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That Olbermann slap-down of McCain

27 Aug

From last week, but…

random thoughts

27 Aug


If you really want to convince people that the Tories haven’t changed a bit, and that they remain a thoroughly hateful bunch of bastards. Simply introduce them to the Tory blogosphere.


To be European

24 Aug

I have started to wonder if we’d be better off outside of Europe, and to be honest, whether Europe would be better off without us.

Our rightwing press, as seen here, will continue to poison the rank and file against the European project – and with progressives utterly unable to construct an attractive pro-European argument, it’s all looking rather doomed. The Brits will continue indefinitely to crow about every federalist proposal and pull in the opposite direction, in effect holding the rest of Europe back.

Yeah, I know many other countries have their growing anti-EU movements, but it’s us that exported Euroscepticism, and like a virus it has spread outwards, eating away at the idea of a united (small ‘u’) Europe.

So maybe everyone would be better served by us just slipping away in the night? Maybe Europe would actually begin to function if we just buggered off? And finally, if we did leave the EU, maybe the amount of EU-related absolute fucking bullshit (in the media) would decline? But then, maybe not.

Police State. Seriously

23 Aug

*This* is why liberals fight against the government’s illiberalism. Full stop.


This blog has one simple agenda. Liberty. Everything else is supplementary.

Obama Biden ’08

23 Aug

This Week in US Politics ::

Huffington Post – Obama choo-choo-chooses the Senator from Delaware as his running mate. Joe Biden, a foreign-policy heavyweight (he’s chair of the mighty Senate Foreign Relations Committee), should boost the ticket in preparation for a long and dirty fight with McCain.

Politico – Hillary Stiffed! Apparently, the New York senator was never even vetted by Obama. You have to wonder what he could hope to find out that he doesn’t already know, but this might further spice-up the convention, where rumours of a coup still hang in the air.

Daily Kos – If you hadn’t heard, this week McCain dropped the mother of all clangers when he couldn’t answer the question: “how many houses do you own?” With America suffering economically, the GOP wingnuts are doing monkey-flips trying to spin this one.

the blue voice – After consistently ruling out any possibility of a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq, the Bush administration adopts a timetable for withdrawal.

The rest of today’s blog review is up at LC.

Beware, this November

21 Aug

Brad Friedman has an excellent article over at CiF, outlining the extent that the Republicans will go to disenfranchise votes unlikely to vote for them.

Of course we saw exactly this in 2000 and 2004 – including genuine voter fraud – so this really shouldn’t surprise us.



20 Aug

This innocuous, and some might say genius (I wouldn’t), video response – to a time-wasting Clarkson for PM petition – has caused plenty of faux-outrage from the rightwing blogosphere. Get a life you desperate twats.