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20 Sep


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13 Apr

The Talented Mr. Zhisou has tagged me. Apparently I am to divulge my obsessions, presumably on the point of death. I better get to it then, eh?

I guess I pass through phases of obsessive behaviour. When I was sixteen I could pretty much name every football player in Italy’s Serie A – now that is very sad, and certainly obsessive. Now I doubt I could name much more than the starting line-ups of AC Milan, Inter, and maybe Roma – although ask me about 1994’s roster, and you get pretty much everything. I do retain information rather well (another sign of an obsessive).

So, here goes…

  • I guess I’m obsessive about politics. This, of course, portrays me as being the sort of person you do not want to spend a long flight sat next to. But I assure you, I can make a political discussion very entertaining – especially if you get me talking about Messer’s Blair and Cameron

  • I’m very obsessed with belts. Not the procurement of belts, or the various styles and fashions employed by belt-makers. No, I’m incredibly annoyed by men who wear trousers without a belt. Are these men in need of a woman to dress them properly? A man (in trousers) without a belt, is a man undressed. Period. I also have a similar problem with men who wear shirt/tie combinations that were bought in the same packet, this is a serious sartorial mistake
  • Women. Yes, me too.
  • I’m obsessed with technology. I have an iPod, a BlackBerry, an Apple laptop, a DV video camera, several digital cameras, a very powerful desktop PC, numerous cell-phones, a Nintendo Wii, a Nintendo DS, and a very good Hi-Fi. I’m a geek. The only thing I’m not obsessed with is the TV. All this techno-geekery has to be financed, and Mrs. tyger has refused to bankroll any further purchases. Mwaaaah!
  • I read oceans of newsprint and magazines. I’m an irregular reader of books, but devour them on holiday

  • The dishes. I hate the sight of a sink full of dirty dishes. This is my job

  • Good wine and whisky. I like good wine. I have a preference for French Burgundy and good Spanish Riojas. Whisky has to be single malt, unless it’s American. There is no breathing space here – these are the rules
  • Podcasts. But I have been there before.
  • Design. I’m obsessed with great design. Furniture, architecture, cars, electrical goods, etc. etc. I can be brought to a quiver by an old Porsche 911 or a Leica camera. Nothing turns me on quite like an elegant wristwatch or a pair of New Balance M860 running shoes. Some things are quite beautiful

    I know what you’re thinking. Now here is a real sad bastard. And I guess I am. Mrs. tyger deserves some recognition for putting up with my expensive tastes and my rather strange traits. But she does, and I love her for it.

    I tag: Political Penguin (this should be fun!), Juve, and Jams.

  • The irregular photo of the day

    26 Feb

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    Up the Hill, originally uploaded by tucumcary.

    Another beautiful shot of some buildings. Why am I so interested in architecture I have no idea, but I’m always spellbound by cities.

    The irregular photo of the day

    12 Feb

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    Great use of HDR.

    This building has great significance for my family as my mother grew up in Adelaide, and on her journey back to Britain – via Sydney, she passed the newly constructed Opera House.

    Off to bed, need an early night. Be good and play nice.

    The irregular photo of the day

    26 Jan

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    Zuiderkerk, originally uploaded by Mor (bcnbits).

    This is simply awesome.

    Expect to see more of ‘Mor’ in the new ‘irregular photo of the day’ series.

    Future City

    2 Dec

    This is awesome.

    Why do I think this would be a Chinese city?

    Another success in Moscow for Brit architects RMJM

    2 Dec


    RMJM, the British architects who were earlier this year given the green-light for the Moscow City Palace, above, have won another high profile contract in the Russian capital: The new Gazprom headquarters. It seems British design still leads the way. From The FT: –

    The contest for the Gazprom contract was controversial, in part because of fears that the beauty of the Russian city would be tarnished by the building’s proposed height. RMJM defeated five other international architects for the commission to develop proposals for the $600m (€451m, £303m) tower in the historic heart of the city, close to the Bolsheokhtinsky Bridge and Smolny Cathedral.