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The best paragraph ever?

21 Sep

I know I have said it a thousand times, but A.A. Gill is simply the greatest writer of our age ::

A pair of lunching, scarlet-gobbed, Botoxed, overweight over-forties, dressed in outfits that might have been appropriate on a 17-year-old Serb in a Mykonos disco. Billowing breast implants and sagging stomachs, spray-tanned, bubble-wrap thighs and french-polished toenails in gladiator sandals, jangling jewellery like kitchen utensils constructed solely out of interlocking logos. Their ferociously yellow blonded hair extensions and flabby faces with Marlboro Light-lined lips gobbing inanities, constantly dipping into gaudy handbags full of BlackBerries and iPhones and antidepressants. They were such a strikingly vulgar pair of brazenly Scottische trollopy jades. There is, in Edinburgh, a culturally cringing plagiarism, a fawning desire to take on English fashion, and in doing so, get it completely ass about tit. These two imagined themselves as up-for-it Wilmslow Wags and had achieved precisely the opposite effect. They stared at each other as comforting mirrors.

A touch misogynistic? Maybe.

Who cares? Not me.

The PM debate drinking game

3 Sep

Is see the Murdoch press is still flogging this election debate stunt…

Broadcasters compete to chair prime ministerial election debate

No sooner had The Times revealed that advisers to the three main political party leaders had touted Sir David Frost as a possible host, than David Dimbleby, the chairman of Question Time on BBC One, was keen to show his interest in the job.

John Humphrys, Adam Boulton, Andrew Neil and Justin Webb are among the other interviewers keen to take on the job…

I can’t think of three people I would less like to watch speak for an hour.

And thanks to the promised “rigidly scripted format”, you can be sure it’ll be even more tedious.

The only reason I might watch, is if Brown agrees. While admittedly the PM is as boring as A-Level Math, watching him isn’t without potential excitement. You never quite know when a gaffe will come… but you know it’s coming.

Maybe we can all have a drinking game via Twitter?

Whenever Gordie drops a bollock, we drink. Whenever Cameron says something smug, we drink. I fancy we’ll all be pissed inside 20 minutes.

If you fall asleep during a Nick Clegg answer, you lose.

So it goes… episode three

1 Sep

So I finally got around to finishing the edit of the third episode (proper) of the So it goes podcast.

While we’ve a long way to go before anyone would call us broadcasters, I think we’re improving.

Jack and I also recorded the forth episode this morning, so that’ll also be appearing in the iTunes feed soon enough.