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30 Jun

I heard today that my company is merging with another. It’s been one of the worst kept secrets in history, with many of us knowing all but the technicalities, over a month ago. This ‘news’ was delivered with the usual management psychobabble, with lots of talk of efficiencies and synergies, which, as everyone knows, usually mean redundancies. Nothing concrete as yet, but in previous mergers comrades did fall.

I guess I need to get stuck into that novel and get it finished. Anyway, if anyone out there needs a political/technology/sports/culture (or anything really) writer, you know where I am. Take a look around the blog and see what you think.


On a lighter note, tonight I’m going to watch Notts take on Yorkshire in Cricket’s Twenty20 Cup at Trent Bridge. Glorious day too. 🙂

Heartland Heartbreak

30 Jun

Labour has lost an election in its former Welsh stronghold, Blaenau Gwent, twice in little over a year. In what Hazel Blears has excused as a “unique set of circumstances,” the Independent Dai Davis, last night beat the Labour candidate Owen Smith by a margin of 2,500 votes.

This defeat will further unsettle nervous Labour backbenchers who suspect that the party’s unpopularity, will most likely manifest itself with them being thrust into unemployment at the next General Election. Calls for regicide, with Blair’s head served on a platter (probably with radishes, and a side order of John Reid), will no doubt give the parliamentary sketch writers something to rant about in the tree-based-media this weekend.

Blears, however, is probably right. This defeat may well be a “unique set of circumstances,” after all, didn’t Labour win a General Election just 13-months ago? It seems so long ago, yet I’m sure I remember Blair delivering yet another bloody nose to the Tories. Maybe it was a dream? Blears et al, if they don’t want that dream to become a nightmare, would be wise to ensure these “unique set of circumstances” do not become “unique” to the rest of the British Isles.

The election victory last year may well be a faint memory, but the past 12-months of scandal and ineptitude, which have already defined this third-term, have had a stark impact in the polls, with Dave “tPod” Cameron, outflanking Mr. Blair.

Opinion polls are notoriously misleading however, just ask Neil Kinnock. In fact, in another by-election last night, in the “safe” South East England seat of Bromley and Chislehurst, where the Tories enjoyed a majority of 13,342, Cameron’s party saw a humiliating fall from grace, as their candidate limped over the line after a traditional Lib Dem by-election assault. With a majority of just 633, new Conservative MP Bob Neill, a former member of the London Assembly, will take the seat of former Tory Hero, the late great Eric Forth.

The ferocity, and suggested dastardliness, of the Lib Dem challenge has had Tory bloggers jumping about like rabid dogs, and the victorious Neill himself, declared their conduct as the “most vigorous and underhand example of cynical personal abuse” he had encountered.

So with Cameron trying to reconcile his promising opinion poll results with yet another electoral kick in the ghoolies, and Labour nursing yet another haemorrhage in its heartlands, next weeks PMQ’s are shaping up to be a stonking good watch.


29 Jun

Already a great blog?

Well snowflake is already making me question cancelling my Labour Party membership.


Football T’s

29 Jun

World Cup

I had sooo much fun with this Guardian site, where you can build-your-own World Cup t-shirt. [link]

More on Murdoch

29 Jun

Peter Wilby takes Murdoch to task here on CiF.

Murdoch ♥ Cameron

29 Jun

Rupert Murdoch’s support for the New Labour project may well be on the wane following the rise in popularity of David Cameron. Always one to back a potential winner, Murdoch clearly sees the vacuous Eton-educated Tory leader as the man to better further his agenda. [The Guardian]

Other than finding out the Number Ten tea lady is an Al-Qaida supporting asylum seeker, it’s hard to imagine worse news for the increasingly media-obsessed cabinet.

The Chancellor (he’s the sweaty one with the false smile) will be increasingly frustrated that a key pillar of the New Labour strategy, the support of Murdoch’s News International, can no longer be relied upon in any future election.

News International’s tabloid newspaper, The Sun, is widely credited with delivering a substantial voting block in any General Election.

Murdoch revealed this revelation in an interview with his own newspaper, The Australian. In the text, the Aussie-born Billionaire highlights his widely known disdain for the European Union, and guardedly chastises Tony Blair for his position on the subject. However, only a moron would expect Mr. Brown to actually pull-out of the EU, so one can expect an increasingly critical tone from The Sun and probably The Times.

Why not take a look at the Mr. News Internationals assets, here, they’ll certainly highlight why he’s so ‘Euroskeptic.’

Murdoch is of course an American citizen and a staunch supporter of Bush and Blair’s war in Iraq. Murdoch’s Fox News network is also the chief cheerleader for Bush’s Republican Party, regularly ignoring new stories that put the GOP in a bad light, and hiring low-level, fully lobotomised, leaflet-holding party drones to represent the Democrats in live debates.

It’s only a matter of time before Brown panics and declares a quiet contempt for Brussels (while doing and promising a big-fat nothing), in a vain attempt to curry favour with the war-loving media mogul. For if we have learnt anything from the last eighteen months, let it be, that we know Brown is little more than a vacant and ideologically bankrupt coward.

(Thanks to Richard W. Symonds for the tip.)

Another Football Funny

29 Jun

World Cup

Another rehashed joke tailored for the World Cup…