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I know I’m getting old, but…

27 Nov

…agreeing with both John Gaunt and Kelvin McKenzie in the same week is a bit worrying.

Populism, huh?

Mumbai bombings

27 Nov

Interesting thread at Pickled Politics. PP will definitely be worth watching over the next day or so.

UPDATE: Further comments at The ToI.

Everthing you need to know about the Ross-Brand faux outrage

27 Nov

Georgina Baillie is interviewed in The Guardian.

Another celeb is “made”. *reaches for the revolver*

the irregular comment of the day

27 Nov

Melanie Phillips, who appears to have gone off her rocker.

This understatement of the year is courtesy of Andrew Sullivan.

Billy no mates

20 Nov

You’ll enjoy this short video of Bush getting the “freeze-out” from his peers on the global stage ::

H/t. Toby (email)

UPDATE: Turns out Bush had meet’d and greet’d the folks prior to this vid.

The BNP leak

18 Nov

For the record.

It will surprise no-one that I’m not on the BNP list. As someone who’s liberal to a fault, I think it’s fair to say that the party is run by a group of hateful fucktards. That said, whoever leaked the list online, should be arrested for incitement to violence – or whatever else the police can pin on them.

One’s politics, however hateful and vindictive, should never be reason for violence. Whoever leaked this list must know of the damage it would do to the people featured on this list – many of whom, I’m sure, are frustrated with British politics, rather than being conscious racists or bigots.

I do hope this story will fizzle out without incident.

But what if the Russians come?

14 Nov

I used to live just outside the sleepy village of Eakring in Nottinghamshire. Indeed I used to play pool in its tiny Pub. So imagine my delight when the minutes of the Earking Annual Parish Council meeting made it onto the BBC Radio 4’s comedy show, The News Quiz ::

Any Other Business

1. Tree cutting on Back Lane was discussed. The following things arose from this:

a) It would be a good idea to suggest to the landowner the planting of some replacement trees.

b) Parish Councillors are advised to report things to the Clerk for onward transmission to the relevant authority rather than contact parishioners direct.

c) Parish Councillors and parishioners need refreshing on what constitutes a ‘tree’ and what is permitted work. Clerk to write to Mr Catchpole for a definition.

d) Clerk to report the tree cutting to Mr Catchpole at NSDC.

2. The issue of the ancient drains in the village was raised.
3. A parishioner has raised the question of the PC’s use of the Eakring Echo and its sponsorship.
4. Another parishioner wished to know if the problems with the telephone directories have been solved yet.
5. Mr Neale said a parishioner had drawn his attention to overhanging foliage on the pavement on Main Street between Wellow Road junction and the Old School. Clerk to contact Highways Dept.
6. The missile launcher parked at a property on Kirklington Road has caused comments from a number of parishioners about unauthorised access of a vehicle to a property and causing damage to the road surface. Clerk to contact Highways Dept.

It’s a strange world.