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Rightwingers move in on Obama over aunt

1 Nov

And so it’s reported that a Kenyan relative of Barack Obama is in the US illegally. Obama claims he didn’t know of her illegal status, but the right, sensing a chink in Obama’s armour, moved swiftly in.

Michelle Malkin, the conservative blogger who has made a career out of bitching about illegal aliens, went on the attack, demanding answers from the Obama campaign.

Rush Limbaugh, who must have messed himself in the excitement, couldn’t wait to aim his barbs at Obama and public housing – which he helpfully refers to as “slums”.

And over at Townhall ratbag blogger Hugh Hewitt is wondering why it took so long to discover this skeleton, yet Sarah Palin’s brother-in-law scandal was unearthed within days? Maybe, Hugh, because Palin was already under investigation when appointed as McCain’s running mate? Doh!

And then on my travels I visit the rightwing libertarian blog Political Byline, only to find a dose of glorious reason ::

Obama says that he did not know, and you know, I’m inclined to believe the guy. You just cannot keep track of everything your damn family does.

Hell, I have a cousin who’s a career criminal, am I responsible for his actions? Hell no!

It just seems to me, that the Conservative Blogosphere has been on the hunt to; dare I say the word?; Lynch Barack Obama for having the gall, the outright audacity, the very nerve; to run for President of The United States of America. For, dare I say it?; venturing into White Man’s territory.

Well said. But I say let the wingnut muppets have their fun…

They’ve had to justify one of the worst presidential tickets in living memory, with a candidate bouncing from one embarrassing gaffe to the next. The least we can do is let them have a pop at a little old black woman.