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I blame Guido

5 Nov

Can anyone tell me why last night, on the 4th of November, there were fireworks going off in our neighbourhood at 22:45? Have these people got no fucking common-sense? I have a one-year-old and it’s November, so naturally he’s full of cold and struggles to sleep.

It wouldn’t be so bad but we endure fireworks all year round now. Every night this week fireworks have been set off regularly and the last three nights they have been non-stop. What about people with dogs and small children? Last month, someone we know lost their dog to a heart attack brought about by fireworks – that was October.

Now readers know I’m a libertarian, but your freedom to set off fireworks all night ends when it disturbs my serene existence. It’s now 9pm and the fireworks are still relentless. Tomorrow I have work and the kids have school, is there no sense of civil responsibility – do people use not use their fucking brains? Twats.

It’s like living in Baghdad…

We’re back…again

28 Oct

Now WordPress have jigged up the WP.COM interface, allowing you to personalise your blog, I have again decided to breath life into tygerland lite.

Hope you enjoy it…

Hush little darling…

28 Oct

I never know when to put tyger.jnr to bed. It’s the weekend, he woke up at 8.30 and it’s now 1pm. So that’s four and a half hours. He’s starting to look tired, but now we have taken away his dummy, it’s likely he’ll go loco when I put him down…


21 May

It’s been a long weekend.

Tired. Never felt like writing anything. And I have so much to say….

Saturday Headf…

13 May

Went out for Danilo’s first birthday last night, and I have a corker of a headache.

Why do I mix drinks?

I consumed a couple of pints of RealAle, a pint of Grolsh, a bottle of red, and a glass of white. But I did have a “Jumbo Combo” meal, of chicken, gammon, pork, and steak.

I gave my body a kicking, and it’s not going down without a fight.

It’s my birthday, and I’ll cry if I want to

10 May


It’s my Birthday today, and I’m fucked if I know why I have to buy the bloody cakes for the office. Ok, Ok, occasionally I will indulge in a blueberry muffin that someone else, for their birthday, had procured. But the office Nazi’s actually record your birthday, so you can’t shiftlessly let it roll by unnoticed.

I ought to take a stand; I’m now £11 down on the day.

Anyway tonight it’s off to my mums for Cumberland sausage and chips, something she who must be obeyed would never let me near. Good one mum.


7 May

I often write stuff that’s not really suitable for the main blog so I thought I would breath life into this old blog. I’ll keep it to personal ramblings, rants , and general diary entries.