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Johnson Fail

30 Oct

I know, I hardly ever post these days. To be honest there is very little worth commenting on, and there are now so many politics blogs that everything I might say has probably been said anyway.

This David Nutt bullshit, however, will not pass without comment.

Labour faces a mauling at the ballot box. But rather than sticking two-fingers up at the wanking Red-Top press, and making a stand against anti-science bull-crap populism, they have done what they always do. They’ve capitulated in the fear that some over-paid shitface blowhard at The Daily Fail will have a pop.

Man-up, for Christ’s sake.

I have long criticised this government’s kowtowing to the tabloid media. Indeed, I ranted about it on a recent podcast. New Labour’s slavish pandering to Murdoch and Dacre is the single most irritating aspect of the last 11 years.

David Nutt is a scientist. He doesn’t give a shit about what Richard Littlecock thinks. He was sacked because his advice was at odds with the brain-dead policies of this government. He’s right, the government is wrong.

Alan Johnson, a man whose credibility is shrinking faster than my cock in an ice-cold plunge pool, has sold out reason and truth because one of his advisors had the balls to challenge him. He’s a coward.

Johnson wrote that he no longer had confidence in Nutt, and asked that he consider his position. In other words: Do one, butt-pipe. I’d ask the same of Johnson and co. if the alternative (i.e. Slippery Dave and his gang of blue-suited weirdoes) weren’t so fucking creepy.

Anyways, that’s enough from me. Have a Happy Halloween and don’t forget to check the bog for Critters. Laters.

New episode of “so it goes…” is up: Boss

11 Oct

So against all odds, Jack and I finally managed to get together and record another episode of our so it goes… podcast. It took me a week to edit (such is my life/time management skills), so ignore Jack’s ignorance to the whole Letterman creepiness.

So in this episode we discuss Obama and healthcare (again), Letterman’s sexy indiscretions and what it means for his career, a future [*spits*] Tory government, and the good (and bad) bosses we’ve worked under.

“Boss” can be listened to at the Mevio site here, or you can subscribe via iTunes, here.