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Best of 2008

16 Dec

Lists, lists, lists. Everyone doing ’em, so why not me? The 2007 list is here.

Best Record
Kings of Leon – Only by the Night
Well I can’t say I’ve been blown away by any one record this year, but Kings of Leon are making very good music. I actually think – shock, horror! – that there are some good pop records in the charts at the moment, too.

Best Film
The Dark Knight
Well it was the year of the comic book movie. We had Iron Man, Hulk, Hell Boy II and Wanted (and those are just the ones off the top of my head). I’d say that Dark Knight wins out with Iron Man a close second. I also enjoyed Burn After Reading.

Best TV Show
The Wire – Series 5
The Wire is simply the best television programme ever made. Period.

Best Book
I’ve read no new fiction this year. I spent most of my time reading old John le Carré books and Graham Greene. I’ll have to remedy this in ’09.

Best Podcast
This American Life
This is probably the choice that has caused me to ponder most, as I listen to oodles of podcasts. But This American Life has provided the most memorable and beautiful moments. Subscribe, if you haven’t already. Worthy mentions to The Collings and Herrin Podcast [sic], Sarcastic Gamer and Football Weekly.

Best Radio Show
Adam & Joe
Funny and creative. Brilliant, basically.

Best Video Game
Gears of War 2
It’s been another cracking year for gaming. GTA4 was outstanding, Far Cry 2 was a surprisingly deep game, and Left 4 Dead (which I get for XMAS) looks great. Nothing quite topped GOW2 though. It’s awesome. The art style is incredible. The level design spectacular. And the weapons rock. Epic.

Best Gadget
I haven’t got one. I can’t quite give up my BlackBerry (or switch to O2). However the app-store has made the iPhone a serious proposition. The utility of the device – theoretical and realised – is astonishing. I will get one, eventually.

Best App
I have adored this app all year. I have run GMail and Google Reader constantly using Fluid and it has made life much easier. I’ve also been mega-impressed with Skitch.

Best Political Blog
Chicken Yoghurt
Justin has simply rocked this year. One of the best writers in the medium. Sadie’s Tavern would be a worthy mention too.

Best Non-political Blog
This blog has made me – figuratively – piss myself all year.

Best Politician
Barack Obama

Best Newspaper
The Guardian
It better watch its back. The Guardian has lost its way a little this year. It’s still the best paper, though.

Best sportsperson
MS Dhoni
Finally, someone’s made a team out of the Indians. They’ve always had the talent (although the current team is pretty darn hot).

tooled up

22 Aug

I have a new gadget.

note to mrs. tyger

18 Aug

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New Apple Keyboard, originally uploaded by XHTMLed.


I really want this…

catching up

28 Jul

I know, slow on the old blog the last couple of days. Been busy with a few jobs Mrs. tyger lined up for me. Plus: I still have that laptop review to write (sorry Lucy, hellishly busy), not to mention a whole heap of copy to complete. Oh, an it’s my bro-in-law’s birthday, so there is a whole Pro-Evo-party thing going on tonight. More tomorrow peeps.

i no longer live here

23 May

I now blog at ::

tygerland parlance

18 May

Last night, while sulking alone in my hotel room, I started reading some of the old posts I have stored on my laptop, and began thinking about the words that I frequently use. It was quite interesting (for me at least).

Whenever I write about George W. Bush, I tend to refer to “The House of Bush” and the “colossal” misjudgement that is Iraq. Maybe I have a talent for drama – that, or my writing is hyperbolic nonsense, which is ironic considering that exaggerated prose is one of my pet peeves. However, I would argue that Iraq is such a massive political disaster, that such language is perfectly warranted.

Around the time I started listening to the excellent Letter to America podcast, I started referring to my readership as “dear readers.” Jett Loe, the chap who produces LTA, refers to his “dear listeners” regularly, so that’s where I got it. I make no apologies for this, no one is forced to read this blog so I love every last one of you.

“Dude” – this Americanism, I presume, really grates with some British readers, but if you have watched as much South Park as this writer, you’ll understand why it’s so deeply embedded in my lexis. So please excuse the term, dudes.

This post was intended to be longer, but I’m a bit rushed, so that’s your lot…*snip*

Writing room

14 May

I have been incredibly busy for the last few days. I mean really fucking busy. It’s getting to the point where I’m waking up in the middle of the night for a piss and I’m checking my emails. I don’t recognise myself.

Anyway, I get home today and Mrs. tyger has made me a little writing space at the bottom of the stairs. I’m chuffed. It’s small, but very cosy and professional. I have my laptop, my desktop PC, my printer, and all my cables (oh, my beautiful cables…). So now I have a little place to myself to write and work. Brilliant, eh?

I’m in Suffolk tomorrow. Should be fun.