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looking forward to 90mins of homer

30 Jun

Just read the Simpsons article in the Guardian’s Weekend section. Don’t waste your time. Simpsons fans will learn nothing they didn’t know before.

Any new light the article sheds on the forthcoming film is contained in the following few lines: –

The secrecy surrounding The Simpsons Movie has been intense, but Variety, the industry newspaper, has already revealed that the plot is built around storylines involving religious fundamentalists and global warming. It can also be revealed that there is a scene, controversial inside Fox, in which Bart skateboards naked.

I have a few beers for tonight. Regular readers will be aware that I don’t drink very often, so I’m going to enjoy sipping them.


another resident for that great blogosphere in the sky

30 Jun

tygerland mourns the untimely demise of The Life of Zhisou.

Reality has taken him. Life has called; and the man has walked away from the mask.

Mr. Z’s pithy insight (and latent class-snobbery 😀 ) made for some of the best writing on the web. It’s sad to see a much-loved blogger hang up his keyboard; but we must remember, this blogging-thing is a passing affair for us all.

Bye, Mr. Z.

A light has gone out in the blogosphere. It was bright and it was brilliant.


29 Jun

We have a new phone. We wanted a Skype compatible one, but mrs. tyger fell in love with this one. Bah!

london bomb scare

29 Jun

Reports are surfacing that a car-bomb has been defused this morning in The Haymarket, London.

No doubt timed to welcome Mr. Brown to post-Iraq Britain. The bomb, that is. Not the reports…

i demand…

28 Jun

…that Trident starts selling cinnamon-flavoured gum in the UK. Wigleys sell their “Big Red” cinnamon gum in Germany, so why doesn’t one of the companies sell it here?

I have the bloody stuff sent from Europe. If you have never tasted cinnamon gum, it’s brilliant.

bye bye thierry

28 Jun

Big Tone isn’t the only one leaving this week. 😦

Thank you for the memories, Thierry.

BTW, the frowny emoticon is for Thierry, not you Tone. Here’s yours: 😀

Via: GU

loads of stuff to do

27 Jun

Readers will have to wait for my reflections on Tony Blair, I’m snowed under today.

Justin pretty much sums it up, though.