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19 Jun

Okay, it’s time again for a wee break.

I have a lot on, and the week has been very stressful indeed. I need a break from the internets – to switch off, and recharge.

See you soon.

Blogging every day

19 May

I suppose I shouldn’t write this. And I certainly wont be linking to the post that prompted this — after all, the blogger in question is someone I admire and someone I don’t (and this is a first for me) want to offend.

But, seriously, why blog if you’re just going to post noise?

Why blog if what you write is just pointless drivel? Even if it’s witty and concise, what’s the point of taking time out of your day to write the sort of rat-spit that makes people mutter “huh” or “heh”?

Isn’t there enough noise in the blogosphere and on the internet in general?

That’s what twitter is for: the idle, inane mutterings not worthy of a considered 200-word blogpost.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done it. In the past I blogged regularly. Two or three times a day at the height of my “powers”. But then I decided that my time is worth more than nothing. I blog when there is something I really want to say. I’m not beholden to some idea of daily blogging. In these days of RSS and group-blogs, is there really any room for the pointless daily crowing of the bedroom-bound blogger?

Everyone deserves a voice. This is a not a rant about quality. If you want to blog every day that’s fine. It’s your life and your time. But don’t be deluded into thinking that, just because you post every 6-hours, that people are going to give a smelly wet turd as to what you have to say. Chances are they don’t.

This is not the era of rampant bloggery. Now everyone, from the most respected commentator to the funniest comedian, blogs. If you have a post that really rocks, it will – if you alert the editors of larger blogs – be registered. It will gain traction, but don’t think that you will pierce the upper echelons of the UK’s blogosphere by following it up with random rants that offer no new insight.

Cream will rise. If you’re a great writer with something exceptional to say, you will be recognised. Blogging, unlike the MSM, is not a closed shop. But if you write a post that says nothing new — no matter how many swear-words you use — people will ignore it.

My advice is that you blog when you can’t not blog. When you have an itch so irritable it must be scratched, you fire-up your computer and you rant away. But please, if you value your time, don’t just blog for the sake of it. People simply will not care.

It’s Iain Dale’s right to criticise Jack Jones.

24 Apr

Iain Dale has posted a YouTube video explaining why lefties are so out of order for complaining about his post yesterday about the late Jack Jones. Dale used the post to point out his opinion of Jones’ shortcomings, and for this the Tory blogger has been accused of being insensitive.

Whatever, Trevor.

Criticising people in the days after their death is insensitive. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it. Iain Dale can say what the hell he likes on his blog. And readers and political foes can call him on it, if they so wish. It’s really not a big deal.

And it will also not be a big deal when Lady Thatch’ finally parts this world for the fiery depths of hell. The left will enjoy toasting to her demise, and will revel in the thought of her reuniting with Reagan and Pinochet, as they in turn take it up the arse from the devil himself.

I for one salute Iain Dale for standing up for our inalienable right to pick at the still-warm carcass of our political enemies.

Thank you, Iain.

Wikio Rankings for April

3 Apr

Dan at Wikio, possibly appreciating my busy schedule, has kindly offered me some free content for the blog, in the shape of this Month’s Wikio rankings.

So without further ado, I present the Wikio Blog Rankings for April 2009.

As you can see, the top four remain resolute — encased in carbonite and refusing to budge. And in the poptastic voice of Tony Blackburn, I can also tell you that Political Betting is still the fifth member of the blogging Beetles, remaining at 5.

LibDem Voice continues to climb the rankings, and DK bounces back after a month at number 9.

1 Iain Dale’s Diary
2 Guy Fawkes’ blog
3 Liberal Conspiracy
4 ConservativeHome’s ToryDiary
6 Liberal Democrat Voice
7 The Devil’s Kitchen
8 Dizzy Thinks
9 Harry’s Place
10 Labourlist
11 John Redwood’s Diary
12 Old Holborn
13 Labourhome
14 Bloggerheads
15 Chicken Yoghurt
16 Stumbling and Mumbling
17 Archbishop Cranmer
18 Telegraph Blogs – Daniel Hannan
19 Benedict Brogan’s political blog
20 EU Referendum
21 Tim Worstall
22 Mr Eugenides
23 Liberal England
24 Obnoxio The Clown
25 Blaney’s Blarney
26 Pickled Politics
27 Nick Robinson’s Newslog
28 PJC Journal
29 Dave’s Part

Ranking by Wikio.

How Wikio comes up with these rankings can be found here.

Recommended reading

12 Mar

Andy Worthington provides a comprehensive account of Guantanamo’s last remaining Brit, Shaker Aamer.

Hagley Road to Ladywood reports on The Sun’s one-sided report about a group protesting returning Basra troops.

Political Betting asks why RBS is politically vetting its customers?

Tim Ireland has more on the reptilian Paula Murray (and her slippery editor, Martin Townsend).

Jonathan Calder wonders just which ancient cult the lovely Lynne Featherstone has got herself mixed up in. Sounds like a case for Robert Langdon is you ask me, which you didn’t.

Oh, and all that blogging bitchery over twitter. Our Sunny wisely points out that all involved are a bit daft – and wonders if they shouldn’t be doing something a little more constructive?

A bit rushed for time this morning, so why not pop over to Neil’s blog for his “selected reading”? Go on… Shoo!

Politics and political blogging

10 Mar

A frog done a poo…


A bird spots the poo…

bird likes pooh

Bird eats poo.


Naughty bird.

(this is either deeply profound, or I’m a complete idiot*)

*I’m a complete idiot

The Final Straw

6 Mar

When someone asks me to spend 5-seconds sending a tweet to raise awareness of violence against woman, I am, according to John Band (whose blimp-like sense of self-importance you’ve probably seen elsewhere across the internets), supposed to check the veracity of the facts before I send such tweets.

Sadly I didn’t do this, so John has decided that I lack integrity and am, to quote, an idiot.

This is the problem with the blogosphere. People take it too seriously. It matters little. It matters almost nothing.

I have, over the past few weeks, become more and more frustrated by this medium – and that similar time-sink, twitter. And as the guff mounted I became more and more fed up.

So that’s it. It’s over. The blogging. The twittering. All of it. Over.

If you want to continue to waste your time shouting at a computer screen, knock yourself out. It’s your life to piss away.

I’m going outside. The sun is shining (for now).

Comments are off. But then I wouldn’t be replying anyway.

UPDATE: Before I burn my login… It’s not John B – and it would be completely unfair for him to feel shitty. It’s a few things. Just had enough. Finite. Etc. I really need to concentrate on things that really matter. I mean, what’s the point of all this? It doesn’t put food on the table, it’s just an indulgence I don’t have time for anymore.