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Sayonara dudes

28 Feb

I have had a rotten couple of weeks and to be honest I’m just not enjoying writing the blog at the moment. I’m sure I’ll be back, but I’m not sure when.

I need a break – maybe a few days, maybe a few weeks. I don’t know. I need time to think.

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Hersh: Bush administration supporting al Qaida

28 Feb

Money the Bush administration is sending to the Middle East to suppress a potential ‘Shia Crescent’ forming (and strengthening the hand of Israeli enemies Hezbollah and Iran) is finding its way to into the hands of at least three Jihadist groups linked to al Qaida, argues Seymour Hersh.

Bush has no congressional authority (the money is possibly diverted from funds appropriated to Iraq) to send this money, and it is claimed that John Negroponte, the former intelligence tsar, resigned because he feared this could develop into an Iran-Contra level scandal (Negroponte was also considered by Cheney and those at the Pentagon as ‘too ethical’).

Hersh is demanding that Congress investigate his findings which he calls ‘very serious.’ This may well be the straw that breaks the administration’s back.

Via: Skeleton Project.


27 Feb

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The irregular quote of the day

27 Feb

I like Slate. In fact I love Slate. But one thing that annoys me is the pro-Microsoft bias that lingers at the online magazine (Slate was founded by the Seattle monolith before being sold to The Washington Post).

From Slate’s gaming writer Chris Suellentrop: –

After more than two months with a “Wii60″—gamer slang for owning both a Nintendo Wii and an Xbox 360—I’ve been surprised to discover that the 360 is the console I turn to when I want a quick gaming fix. The Wii is a “party console”—a go-to system to impress guests, and a guaranteed good time when more than one (physically present) person wants to play. But the allegedly hard-core 360, and not the family-friendly Wii, appeals to the casual gamer in me—the guy who loves to play addictive and familiar mini-games.

Of course it could be coincidental, or could it?

Europe: A Happy Lot

27 Feb

It’s true; in Euroland we’re blissfully happy. 87% of Europeans are happy with their lot in life. And those Danes, those CR-A-ZY Danes, well they are deliriously exultant with life – a whopping 97% of Danish folk can’t stop giggling to themselves.

Message to all those Euro-sceptics out there (no doubt rubbing yourself and thinking of Lady Thatch): stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

Brown: Immigrants who want citizenship should help the community

27 Feb

We woke up to another headline grabbing oration from the Chancellor this morning.

Immigrants who are “seeking citizenship,” Gordon Brown argues, should, “undertake some community work in our communities – introducing them to a wider range of institutions and people in our country prior to enjoying the benefits of citizenship.”

Quite a good idea Gordon, but seriously, how do you expect to monitor and finance such a programme if the public and voluntary sectors are not on board? I know supposedly Brown has countless initiatives he plans to rollout once he gets the Number Ten gig, but this is just pillow talk to a potential electorate. I guess we should assess whether it’s a good idea, but I can’t see it ever materialising – it would be much better if, as Ming Campbell suggests, we concentrate on teaching English.

Hat-tip: TrafficOne

Trouble in the Black Country

27 Feb

Ministry broke the story.

A nice little pitch battle between West Bromwich West CLP and ultra-Blairite Adrian Bailey MP, with the BNP in the shadows sharpening their knives. This Iain and Paul is what you call self-criticism*. Say ‘hi’, I don’t think you’ve met.

*A Labour Blogger breaking a real Labour scandal. Oh the horror.