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best of the year

18 Dec

Best of lists are part of Christmas. Well, seeing as I have the power to publish my own opinions, here are my topper picks for the year…

Best Record
The Killers – Sawdust
Ok, it’s a B-sides n rarities comp. But The Killers are simply so far ahead of anything else out there right now.

Best Film
The Bourne Ultimatum
A fantastic, pant-wetting finale to a brilliant trilogy. Paul Greengrass is the best director in the world right now. Period.

Best TV Show
South Park
Nothing is quite as smart or as funny (worthy mentions: QI and Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe were brilliant again this year).

Best Book
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Incomparable thrilling last book to a quite stunning series. Easly as good as the hype suggested.

Best Podcast
Guardian Unlimited’s Football Weekly.
This is exactly why MoTD is a waste of everyone’s time. Intelligent, witty, and much, much better than The Times’ Liverpool-obsessed effort. James Richardson is twice the presenter Lineker is (worthy mention: No Agenda with John C. Dvorak and Adam Curry).

Best Radio Show
Start the Week
Basically the Review section from the weekend’s broadsheets. With added Andrew Marr (worthy mention: Russell Brand).

Best Video Game
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Just, and I mean just ahead of Halo 3. The graphics and combat in COD4 are unmatched (worthy mention: other than Halo 3, I’d say Bioshock).

Best Gadget
XBOX 360
XBOX leads the way online. XBOX Live is unmatched, and the 360 offers far more quality games than either the Wii or PS3 (worthy mention: New iPod Nano – new form factor and new features. Now the true iPod classic).

Best App
Twitter is by-far the most enjoyable social networking site. It’s simple and genuinely co-operative. And I don’t agree with Dave Winer, simplicity is intrinsic to twitter’s appeal. Leave it alone.

Best Political Blog
A tricky one this, but septicisle’s analysis of the media – not to mention the abundant bile – is a joy to read (worthy mentions: Reading Mike Power is much better than scouring the net yourself. Mr. Eugenides still compels. And Ministry of Truth is still capable of brilliance).

Best Non-political Blog
Should be read everyday.

Best Politician
Alex Salmond
It’s hard not to admire the way the SNP leader has captured Holyrood. Even if he is an opportunist and a seditious git (worthy mentions: Vladimir Putin and David Cameron) (Note. this is not an endorsement).

Best Newspaper & Website
The Guardian
No other paper is quite as creative with formats and online offerings.

Best Magazine
Private Eye
Still completely essential (worthy mentions: The Week and Monocle).

Best sportsperson
Lewis Hamilton
I’m not into F1 at all. But you can’t argue – it was a phenomenal first year for the McClaren rookie (worthy mentions: Kaká, Kumar Sangakkara, and Christino Ronaldo were brilliant in 2007).

I may add to this list.

Go Fleming

2 Apr


Notts captain Stephen Fleming secured a New Zealand victory today against Bangladesh with a stonking century off 92-balls.

C’mon you Kiwiiiiisss!*

The lineup

24 Mar


I am going to write a book on my tenure as Pakistan coach. I shall only start after the World Cup… I believe, regardless of the money, the story is worth telling, has to be told and in the correct way. I am not a name and shame guy, just the honest facts. Let the punter make up his mind etc.

~ Bob Woolmer

Cricket in turmoil

24 Mar

Was Woolmer about to blow the lid on match fixing?

UPDATE: “my gut feeling is that there is still some kind of corruption in the game” ~ Michael Vaughan


The murderer(s) was either someone Woolmer trusted or who he thought was properly coming to his room (room service, as it usually is in the movies). He was either drugged or the killer was an expert in hand-to-hand combat. It would seem to have been a very professional ‘hit’. I will leave the speculation there.

~ Political Empire

Six sixes

18 Mar

Note to non-cricketing readers: this is very, very rare. As far as I know it’s happened 3-times (once by Garfield Sobers, once in Indian domestic cricket, and on this occasion).


17 Mar

Seriously, what the hell happened?

Joyce. Duck! (god I hate ducks)

Flintoff. Golden Duck! (those effin’ DUCKS!)

Well the weighted seeding system should ensure we’ll get through to the next round, but the Kiwi’s are bobbins. Bond is an excellent bowler and Scott Styris is your stereotypical Kiwi all-rounder, but if we can’t beat New Zealand then we really don’t have a chance.

Early night?

14 Mar

I don’t have Sky TV. So I can’t watch the Aussies take the Scots apart. I have to make do with the Guardian’s over-by-over coverage.

I used to have Sky, but I found spending every evening watching The Daily Show and South Park re-runs wasn’t good for me. So I cancelled my subscription and now I have to make excuses to go to my brother-in-law’s to watch the cricket (I also enjoy immensely the pleasure in not putting money into the pockets of one Rupert Murdoch, but that’s probably because I’m a rather petty and disagreeable person).

I asked Mrs. tyger if I could go over tomorrow to watch Ireland v Zimbabwe (yes, I’m that desperate). She said this was fine as she has friends coming over; one of which, I am informed, is stunning 24-year-old Polish girl. Mrs. tyger thinks that the combination of my dribbling and our polished wooden floors could be lethal. She does have a point, but I rather wish I’d kept my mouth shut. You, dear reader, will get used to my screwing things up. I’m not as sharp as I sometimes think I am.

So what does a guy do? There is nothing on the box. Mrs. tyger is out. The boy is sound asleep. I have the house to myself. I had a wander over to some other blogs – but I just can’t find the energy to engage. If I drink anymore tea I’ll be getting up for a piss all night long – I don’t need that. I’m thinking about an early night. Radio Four on the bedside radio and just fall asleep.

I have been reading for most of the evening (now the boy is back, loud music is out of the question, so we’re reduced to Tim Buckley’s Morning Glory anthology played low). I have a biog of Bill Hicks and the latest issue of the brilliant Monocle, but now my eyes are getting tired and my brain is fried. A scotch would be nice. A fine single-malt. But alas, I have run out. Donations greatly appreciated and all that. Maybe I could review whisky in return for samples? They may be rubbish at cricket, but the Scots do know their whisky. Jesus dude, what the hell are you twittering on about? Shut the fuck up and go to bed.

I’m having an early night. Good night.