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The PM debate drinking game

3 Sep

Is see the Murdoch press is still flogging this election debate stunt…

Broadcasters compete to chair prime ministerial election debate

No sooner had The Times revealed that advisers to the three main political party leaders had touted Sir David Frost as a possible host, than David Dimbleby, the chairman of Question Time on BBC One, was keen to show his interest in the job.

John Humphrys, Adam Boulton, Andrew Neil and Justin Webb are among the other interviewers keen to take on the job…

I can’t think of three people I would less like to watch speak for an hour.

And thanks to the promised “rigidly scripted format”, you can be sure it’ll be even more tedious.

The only reason I might watch, is if Brown agrees. While admittedly the PM is as boring as A-Level Math, watching him isn’t without potential excitement. You never quite know when a gaffe will come… but you know it’s coming.

Maybe we can all have a drinking game via Twitter?

Whenever Gordie drops a bollock, we drink. Whenever Cameron says something smug, we drink. I fancy we’ll all be pissed inside 20 minutes.

If you fall asleep during a Nick Clegg answer, you lose.

Guff of the day

6 Mar

Jan Moir* in TDM ::

…Of course, no one is blaming Zoe Ball for every fatherless child born or catfight outside the Pink Flamingo. Or the sprawl of drunken girls splattered like guano over British city centres every weekend. Yet I do wonder.

The potency and influence of role models on modern society is sometimes exaggerated, but there is no denying that Zoe & Co started something with their glamorous, boozy buccaneering and their profligate ways. So maybe they have moved on, or at least are the recipients of a careful rebranding exercise in sobering up. Yet the legacy they have left behind continues to rise like a sick soufflé….

Oh do shut the fuck up, you preaching twat.

*Who’s not, apparently, a cheap Chinese knock-off of columnist Jane Moore.

You know, TFI Friday and I’m working the weekend. If I have to read one-more twatting media blowhard or inane self-promoting blogger, I swear I’ll swallow a gallon of petrol and light a burp.

(in a foul mood, btw)

Recommended reading

4 Nov

Jennie’s excellent piece on pub etiquette.

Loved the section on Real Ale ::

* A good real ale barmaid will be knowledgeable about the product. If you have a preference for a particular style of ale, ask for a recommendation
* Ask for a sample if you are unsure which ale you want; most real ale pubs offer them on cask ales, and if they don’t, there’s no harm in asking. A good barmaid wants you to enjoy your drink, not stand there feeling forced to drink a pint you don’t like.
* If you want a good head on your beer, mention this when ordering. Similarly, if you want it Southern-style, ask for the sparkler to be removed
* If you would like your pint to be topped up, ask. A good barmaid ought to ask if you’d like a drop more in, but all of us have off days.

Too true. There is nothing like a knowledgeable barman or barmaid. We went to Dublin a few weeks ago, and had a drink in T.P. Smiths – the barman was so good we stayed for another drink. We only popped in for a “swift half”. Being a barkeep is an art.

I really miss a pint of good ale. I hate this bastard diet.

ban the chancellor from pubs

25 Mar

The Talented Mr Eugenides is pushing a campaign to ban Alistair “impose above-inflation rises on beer” Darling from drinking houses across the land.

Sounds like a plan. Just a half for me, though, I’m driving.

binge drinkers unite

3 Mar

Alix Mortimers’ début on LC is a glorious piece – not-to-mention an angry poke to the eye of rightwing prigs and interventionist lefties.

The entire business world today is run on coffee. Two hundred years ago the entire diplomatic and trading world was run on snuff and, not infrequently, laudanum. Five hundred years ago the whole of society was run on – yes! – alcohol again. We’ve always been high on something. The drug du jour is entirely incidental.

I’m pretty sure cocaine deserves a mention, too.

Brilliant stuff. Recommended.

starbucks stagnates

7 Jan

Robert Toomey, an analyst at E K Riley Investments in Seattle: –

“They’re going to have to slow the rate of new store openings – definitely in the US and perhaps overseas as well. It goes back to the issues of a diluted experience and a saturated market.”

Finally, the Starbuckization of the high street may slow. Hopefully.

via. GU

the irregular quote of the day

15 Nov

Justin on proposals to hike the tax on alcohol: –

I don’t know about anyone else but I’d feel less inclined to drink if this country, along with its culture and its politics, was just a little less unremittingly shit. That, of course, would require almost an entire generation of good-for-nothing-else chancers and mountebanks getting their marching orders.

So, taxation and banning it is then. Stuff the quality of life.