Maybe I can save some time, by answering some frequently asked questions here…

So Rational Geekery, what’s it all about?

Well it’s a blog about all sorts of stuff. The internet, the Liberal Arts, tech, photography, online comics, productivity, occasionally gaming, and other stuff I find interesting.

It’s not a gadget or news blog. I don’t have the time to do these subjects justice, so I concentrate on sharing ideas about getting thing’s done, and annoyances relating to being a grown-up in today’s world.

If you like RatGeek, and I hope you do, that’s great. But to be honest I write for myself and because I enjoy it.

Are you on twitter?

Damn right, I am. But I should warn you, I can be quite controversial on there – it’s sort of Rational Geekery uncensored (not that this blog has any sort of code of conduct). So don’t say you weren’t warned…

So why don’t you follow me?

As a rule I try and keep my follow list at <100. This way I can enjoy twitter and it doesn’t just become white noise. Feel free to send @tygerland a note though. If you’re interesting, chances are I’ll follow you eventually.

Where do you post links?

I use delicious.

Why no comments?

I agree with John Gruber. It’s my site, I want to control every pixel. More here.

You can however drop me a line at twitter or fire off an email. If you’re a dick I’ll probably just ignore you, but if you wanna play nice and have something constructive to say, I’ll reply. Can’t say fairer that that, can I?

Are you on XBOX live?

Sure. My handle is tygerland. I play mainly FPSs like Call of Duty: MW2, Battlefield BC 2, Left4Dead 2, and Gears Of War 2 – even though I’m rubbish at GOW and it makes me a bit motion sick.

If you wanna hang out and frag some racist homophobic American kids, send me a friend request. If you are a racist homophobic American kid, then don’t.*

*Nice non-homophobic non-racist American kids are more than welcome

You have two cats, are you a cat lover?

No. They’re the wife’s.

How long have you been blogging?

Since 1994, but I been active on forums for about a decade. I started blogging on a pretty obscure platform called 20six, and then, because I flirted with the blog-friendly flock browser, I moved to WordPress.com. About four years ago I started self-hosting a WordPress blog called tygerland.net. tygerland was very popular for a while, but I started getting involved in Liberal Conspiracy, where I was an editor, and that took a lot of my time.

I wrote mainly about politics and culture in those days, but more and more I started writing about technology, so I started Rational Geekery — first on WordPress and now on the awesome Squarespace. RatGeek is my only long-form blog now, but I do keep a tumblog for links and stuff.

What’s your drink?

Green or black tea. Strong black coffee. And Salty Dogs. 🙂

What do you do professionally?

My professional history is varied. I have worked in production and project management, finance, marketing, and have been involved with several start-ups.

At present, I’m a technical writer for a large food company in the UK. I produce technical copy, write procedures, and I’m also involved in various projects — mainly technology focused.

In addition, I still do freelance work writing articles, commercial copy for small/medium sized businesses and producing technical instruction.

I’ve also done some consulting on organisational productivity, and I was really good, so I’d like to do some more.

Oh right, so how can I hire you?

Easy, just email me with an outline of what you need.

How much do you charge?

That depends on what it is and how much I want to do it. I’m not terribly cheap, but I am terribly good.

Tell me three things about you?

I’ve taught English in Estonia.

I have a forklift licence.

I’m an Excel demon.