Recommended reading

12 Mar

Andy Worthington provides a comprehensive account of Guantanamo’s last remaining Brit, Shaker Aamer.

Hagley Road to Ladywood reports on The Sun’s one-sided report about a group protesting returning Basra troops.

Political Betting asks why RBS is politically vetting its customers?

Tim Ireland has more on the reptilian Paula Murray (and her slippery editor, Martin Townsend).

Jonathan Calder wonders just which ancient cult the lovely Lynne Featherstone has got herself mixed up in. Sounds like a case for Robert Langdon is you ask me, which you didn’t.

Oh, and all that blogging bitchery over twitter. Our Sunny wisely points out that all involved are a bit daft – and wonders if they shouldn’t be doing something a little more constructive?

A bit rushed for time this morning, so why not pop over to Neil’s blog for his “selected reading”? Go on… Shoo!


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