The Final Straw

6 Mar

When someone asks me to spend 5-seconds sending a tweet to raise awareness of violence against woman, I am, according to John Band (whose blimp-like sense of self-importance you’ve probably seen elsewhere across the internets), supposed to check the veracity of the facts before I send such tweets.

Sadly I didn’t do this, so John has decided that I lack integrity and am, to quote, an idiot.

This is the problem with the blogosphere. People take it too seriously. It matters little. It matters almost nothing.

I have, over the past few weeks, become more and more frustrated by this medium – and that similar time-sink, twitter. And as the guff mounted I became more and more fed up.

So that’s it. It’s over. The blogging. The twittering. All of it. Over.

If you want to continue to waste your time shouting at a computer screen, knock yourself out. It’s your life to piss away.

I’m going outside. The sun is shining (for now).

Comments are off. But then I wouldn’t be replying anyway.

UPDATE: Before I burn my login… It’s not John B – and it would be completely unfair for him to feel shitty. It’s a few things. Just had enough. Finite. Etc. I really need to concentrate on things that really matter. I mean, what’s the point of all this? It doesn’t put food on the table, it’s just an indulgence I don’t have time for anymore.


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