A British Constitution?

3 Mar

Sunny has posted an extract of Chris Huhne’s speech at the CoML. One paragraph caught my eye (in what is an excellent speech) ::

And let me make one final point, which is that if we want to achieve that consensus that I very much want to see, we have certainly to build a popular campaign a that is absolutely crucial but the end of that copopular campaign to my mind should be an entrenchment of our civil liberties in a way that cannot be challenged in the fewer to you in the way that it has been challenged in the last ten years in particular. I am thinking here of a written constitution. … That is the sort of entrenchment of civil liberties which we’ll never have in this country unless we too have a written constitution to guarantee that judges can oversee laws and can make sure that they do not contravene fundamental civil liberties.

I’d also like to see a British constitution.

But the American constitution was reached after a bloody war of independence. It was forged in the fires of suffering and struggle. It was drafted by the lionised fathers of a nascent republic. It is protected by its own pillar of government – The Supreme Court of the United States.

Yes the U.S. constitution has been amended at times, but recent history tells us that a British constitution would be treated by our self-important political classes as a nebulous hindrance that can be ignored, or worse, reshaped for every new “political reality” that will be constructed to terrify us into obedience.

We don’t need a document. We need a new way of running this country. For once, let’s be as radical as our forefathers and shake this shit up.


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