The Poor old Beeb

3 Feb

I’m sorry, but I’m gonna call out Jon Gaunt right now. He’s a bully and a bit of a shit.

The BBC has had a torrid 12-months or so. The ‘Wossy/Brand’ affair (Sachsgate™), which has to be the most overblown media hissy fit since the last one, still rumbles on like some colossal gelatinous space blob – consuming column inches and careers with unrelenting appetite.

Then, as if flogging dead horses were a national sport, the lefties and proggies have taken the Beeb to task over its refusal to show an appeal for Palestinians caught in the Israeli siege of Gaza.

Now exhausted and emasculated, having been poked, beaten and punched by both the left and right, the BBC has to contend with the flabby frame of Jon Gaunt piling on like an over-excitable school-yard bully.

On the pages of last Friday’s Sun – which lets remember is part of the very same family of outlets that includes the BBC’s main rival: Sky TV – Gaunty welcomes the Beeb’s gutless decision not to air the Gazan appeal, before spending the rest of his column in a bitchy tirade against auntie that had all the fairness and plurality of a Klan lynching.

When Sun readers follow these diatribes, do they actually understand The Sun’s (or rather News Corporation’s) commercial interest in attacking The BBC? I’m all for free speech, but I’ve never seen a disclaimer printed below these bitch-pieces, explaining the paper’s interest in the network’s fortunes.

Is it right that Murdoch uses The Sun as his own salivating attack dog? And what do we think of Gaunt, a man apparently willing and eager to whore himself out as Rupe’s lieutenant?

Well I think ‘Jon Gaunt: rent-a-shit’ has a nice ring to it.

Originally written for The Sun – Tabloid Lies.


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