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Lists: Ten things on TV that aren’t wank

29 Dec

I was challenged, so…

Ten things on TV that aren’t wank

1. South Park

2. The Wire

3. The X Factor (Mock me. I don’t care)*

4. Stephen Fry

5. Top Gear (yeah, I know it’s fake)

6. EuroNews/al Jazeera

7. Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe

8. Graham Linehan

9. The Simpsons (still relevant)

10. The Daily Show

btw. I would have found Ten things on Radio 4 that aren’t wank much easier. Also, note the volume of US content. So much for the superiority of British TV. I could have added The Shield, Arrested Development, Entourage, The Office (US) and 30 Rock.

*Yeah, it’s often wank

Lists: Ten things on TV that are wank

29 Dec

Ten things on TV that are wank…

1. The One Show

2. Soaps, especially depressing ones (which is all of them)

3. Anything starting with the word “Celebrity…”

4. Mark [fucking] Lawrenson

5. Bargain Hunt

6. Antony Worrall Thompson

7. The [fucking] Tweenies

8. News 24

9. Anything with Graham Norton in it, that isn’t Father Ted

10. My Family (ever since Nick left)

Lists: Ten iconic videogames

29 Dec

Ten iconic videogames…

1. Pacman

2. Missile Command/Space Invaders

3. Paperboy

4. Pole Position

5. Super Mario

6. Final Fantasy

7. Doom

8. Resident Evil

9. Gran Turismo

10. Grand Theft Auto 3

Lists: Ten things a gentleman must have

29 Dec

Ten things a gentleman must have

1. A sensible leather belt

2. A driver’s licence (whether he uses it or not)

3. A good watch (from a watchmaker, not a clothing company)

4. A penknife

5. A music collection, and a reasonable knowledge of the subject

6. A copy of The Godfather film – 1 & 2 (the third film is optional)

7. A quality leather wallet

8. A tape-measure that doesn’t flop on the floor when extended more than 6′

9. A talent for making a good breakfast

10. A firm handshake