More on That Iraq Inquiry

19 Dec

From the Indi ::

Opposition parties believe Mr Brown is keen to ensure the full investigation does not report until after the next general election, which must be held by June 2010. Although the controversial 2003 invasion was seen as “Tony Blair’s war”, Mr Brown has backed it and said he would not have acted differently.

David Cameron demanded a “robust, independent inquiry”, saying it is vital to learn lessons which could help during the campaign in Afghanistan. With up to 400 troops remaining in Iraq, there is a chance the investigation could be delayed for “many, many years”, he said.

Does it bother anyone else that Cameron is pushing this? He strongly supported the war, and he’s got known neconservatives, such as Michael Gove, Edward Vaizey, Stephen Hammond and David Willetts, among his inner circle.

I hope publications such as the Indi, which have been so easy on Slippery Dave in the past, don’t allow the Tories to re-write history so easily.

Only the Lib Dems (and a few backbenches on both sides) have any credibility on this issue. Only they questioned the bullshit. Cameron and his cronies have none.


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