That Iraq Enquiry

18 Dec

BBC: Brown rejects early Iraq inquiry

I have no doubt that if a full and thorough enquiry was held into how we got embroiled in the Iraq War, we’d find that indeed evidence was cooked and we (by which I mean Parliament) were bullshitted into war.

I do have doubts, however, that’ll any enquiry will be “allowed” to expose a sitting government’s lies. (That said, American law enforcement agencies – especially empowered by a change in leadership – have freedoms that could blow the lid off any smothering of facts. I fancy that an institutional whitewash over here may be exposed by our friends over the pond.)

Nick Clegg and David Cameron are now playing games requesting that the promised enquiry be undertaken now – as a planned date for withdrawal has been announced.

I’m sorry boys, but that was never the deal. Brown agreed to an enquiry when troops were OUT of the country. So that’s sometime after June – not now, 6-months before the draw-down has even begun.

While I think Brown is as slippery as the rest of the New Labour snakes, I do think he has a genuine case to sit on an enquiry.

Most of us suspect that the whole blanket of lies will unravel given half-an-hour of serious scrutiny, this would leave many soldiers questioning the chain of command that has put them in harm’s way (although going by the average squaddie online forum, they sussed this out long ago).

If we’ve waited this long, I can’t see a problem waiting until late Summer for an enquiry.

Of course what these two little scallies are up to, is trying to derail the PM’s recent semi-revival. They know the dire economic news, which should be suffocating the former chancellor, is actually oxygenating his premiership.

That the economic crisis is improving Brown’s poll numbers is incredibly unjust, but that fact that it annoys the Tories so much, certainly makes it easier to digest.

Clegg and Cameron know that bringing up Iraq will only hurt Brown. So rather than waiting patiently for the enquiry, and allowing the army an orderly withdrawal, they’re pushing for it now. It’s merely the usual party politics.

A pox on all their houses.


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