15 Dec

So funny I fell over ::

We can be sure that most of these reforms will be enacted. While Labour’s Left will resist many of the tougher proposals, the Conservatives are offering bipartisan support for the bulk of the Purnell program. Twelve years after U.S. president Bill Clinton signed the welfare reforms enacted by the Gingrich Congress, Britain will finally begin to catch up.

Apparently, Britain is about to wake up and embrace the hugely successful welfare reforms that have made The United States such a beacon of social stability and moral virtue. As Mike Power puts it: “We are going to learn welfare lessons from….wait for it…the US ! Ha!”


Yeah, it could only be that delusionally wet sycophant Tim Montgomerie, writing for The National Review.

Someone should drop this daft myopic fuckwit off in the middle of the East Baltimore projects or in working class Michigan. He can then start lecturing random strangers on how good they’ve got it.

Being Tim Montgomerie should be a crime in this country.


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