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Visions Of Johanna (someone needs thicker skin, methinks)

10 Dec

You’ve gotta love this Johanna Kaschke character.

Once a member of Galloway’s Respect Party, and – care of Labour and some communist outfit – Kaschke is now a Kool-Aid drinking Conservative ideologue.

That’s some journey, eh? In only a year too. Such gymnastics should be admirable. But in politics? Not so much.

It seems like she’d climb aboard any old ship, if she thought it would ferry her to political stardom beyond the modest chairmanship, sorry chairpersonship, of her local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme (yeah, you know the sort). May I respectfully suggest one of the many exciting opportunities available within your local PTA?

Now it appears to me that political conviction isn’t the only thing in short supply here, as Ms. Kaschke is suing a few bloggers over pieces they have either written (see Dave Olser and John Gray) or “hosted” (as in the case of Alex Hilton). Kaschke is also, apparently, desperately in need of a little political savvy (not to mention some thicker skin).

Now here is free piece of advice, Johanna (I’m feeling festive today, you’re in luck)…

Taking on the blogosphere is rather like upsetting a beehive. Yeah you’ll probably get over the one sting soon enough, but then the colony turns up and its collective toxin can be fatal to a fledgling political career (one thing that can be guaranteed, is that your name will soon be mud across teh interwebs).

Seriously, you even try and get elected if we’re energised in opposition.

Now it seems to me that you’re not cut out for the cut-and-thrust of politics. Yeah you probably rule over your committee of curtain-twitching crime fighters with Teutonic efficiency, but you really should find another hobby if you’re going to sue everyone who has the temerity to challenge you. You’re just going to become a nuisance and an embarrassment.

This is big-girl politics, Johanna. And I think it’s waaaaaay out of your league.

Pssst! Johanna! Any legal challenges to this article should be made in the State of Utah, where this blog is hosted. Not that taking the piss is actionable, of course. :-p