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The Bush Dynasty will live on

4 Dec

According to Politico, the chances of Jeb Bush running for the Senate in 2010 are very real.

Republican Mel Martinez has indicated that he will not seek a second term as one of the Senators from Florida, opening the door for the popular former governor to return to high-profile politics.

Unlike his idiot brother, Jeb is actually a very capable statesman. He left the governorship with stellar approval ratings and is considered something of a political “rockstar” among GOP ranks.

2012 may be too soon, but who would bet against another Bush ticket in the Presidential campaign of 2016? Not me, that’s for sure.

One of the key demographic swings of the recent election was the Latino embrace of the Democrats (traditionally a strong GOP voting block). As Spanish-speaking Americans continue to increase their number, both parties will double their efforts to capture their imagination. Jeb Bush is very well regarded among Latinos and this should increase his appeal to GOP party mandarins.

Jeb was always most gifted of the Bush progeny, but the question remains as to whether his fuckwit of a brother has ruined the family brand permanently?

One to watch.