The first debate

27 Sep

NYT: Candidates Clash on Economy and Iraq

Watch the debate
CNN videos of debate – Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

More Analysis
TIME: Grading the First Presidential Debate
WashPo: Temperature of Debate? Lukewarm.
Politico: The Mac is back
HuffPo: Who Won The Debate? Reviews Go To Obama
NRO: McCain Takes It

Blog reaction

Daily Kos – Did McCain’s constant trashing of Obama’s experience and judgement lower voter expectation, to the Democrat’s advantage?

RCP – Tom Bevan is confident that McCain won, but does it really matter?

TPM – Why didn’t McCain make eye contact with Obama? Was it embarrassment, contempt, anger or maybe fear?

Oliver Willis – It’s an easy decision really: the cool cucumber or the furious tomato.

Michael Tomasky/CiF – The actual debate is over. Now let’s see how the campaigns spin it.


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