Gaunty: Comedy Genius

27 Sep

I’m really busy this week, what with the US elections and editing Liberal Conspiracy, but somehow I still managed to find time to write up Jon Gaunt’s latest column for The Sun – Tabloid Lies blog.

It’s a constant and relentless stream of rightwing talking points. It’s exactly what keeps highly paid columnists like Gaunty busy. He knows he can rehash the same tired memes every week, and he knows that the salivating editors at The Sun will lap it up. I just wish I had thought of it first (I guess being a principled liberal blogger is what I have to do to get some sleep at night).

But this week it wasn’t the tired old anecdotes or the barrage of memes that made me bristle, it was Gaunty’s utterly appalling attempt to insert humour into his piece. The guy just isn’t the comedy genius he thinks he is.

Read the entire post at The Sun – Tabloid Lies.


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