McCain, McCain, McCain…

25 Sep

John McCain has asked for tomorrow’s debate to be cancelled.

McCain is claiming that the economic crisis is too great, and he must go to Washington to deal with it – as if McCain is suddenly some sort of fucking economic savant, and the American people – what with all their economists and brilliant business minds – can’t manage without a man whose main claim to fame is that he spent a long time in a small bamboo cage. Arrogance, huh?

It just so happens that yesterday McCain was mauled by a media in a pique of rage. The press is angry at the McCain team’s utter lack of cooperation with regard to access to both McCain and Sarah Palin.

Things came to a head when the McCain campaign claimed of the New York Times, “it is not today by any standard a journalistic organization.” Ouch! Is it any wonder they’re running hard with the news that McCain’s campaign manager, Beltway lobbyist Rick Davis, was taking money from bust lender Freddie Mac, as recently as a month ago.

The GOP have enjoyed great success lambasting the media, but they’ve gone too far this time. Knives are out, and the McCain ticket offers no shortages of gaffes and scandals.

So McCain, floundering and desperate to get his campaign back on an even keel, is using the economic crisis as a way to delay tomorrow’s debate. No doubt to allow the Rick Davis scandal time to cool. According to a snap poll, only 10% of Americans want to see the debate delayed. Barack Obama has called McCain out, demanding that the debate is conducted as planned.

This election is truly astonishing. If the campaign is the first real test of a president, I think we can be sure that John McCain would be a truly awful president.

Obama should debate with an empty chair if he has to.


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