Gallup: Obama’s 4% lead stable

23 Sep

According to pollsters Gallup, Barack Obama’s 4-point lead* remained stable over the weekend, ahead of the first presidential debate in Mississippi this week. Real Clear Politics, which tracks numerous national polls, has Obama averaging a 3-point lead over the GOP hopeful John McCain.

At the height of the “Palin Bounce” McCain enjoyed a 5-point lead [Gallup]. McCain’s success has now been obliterated following the electorate’s apparent tiring of McCain’s constant attacks on Obama – the Arizona Senator has not missed an opportunity to heap criticism on the Democrat nominee, including blaming him directly for the current Wall St. meltdown.

In a recent issue of Time, Joe Klein called McCain on his tactics in a withering criticism of the Republican campaign:

McCain’s campaign has been a series of snide and demeaning ads accompanied by the daily gush of untruths that have now been widely documented and exposed. The strategy is an obvious attempt to camouflage the current unpopularity of his Republican brand, the insubstantiality of his vice-presidential choice, and his agreement on most issues — especially economic matters — with an exceedingly unpopular President.

Furthermore, in today’s Washington Post, George F. Will called McCain “childish”, following his increasingly reactionary (and somewhat desperate) call for heads to roll over the financial crisis. Will suggests that McCain’s righteous venting is cause for concern:

It is arguable that McCain, because of his boiling moralism and bottomless reservoir of certitudes, is not suited to the presidency.

Evidence also suggests that McCain’s Veep pick, Sarah Palin, is switching from asset to liability, as emerging truths contradict her claims to be a small-government reformer.

One thing’s for sure though… expect fireworks at Friday’s presidential debate.

(originally written for Liberal Conspiracy)

*Please note these are national polls. The US operate an electoral college system, where individual states elect the president. With 270 electoral votes needed for victory, Obama currently leads McCain by 273 to 265 (RCP).


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