Will the economic crisis save Brown?

22 Sep

Michael White, over on the Guardian’s politics blog, is mulling over the effect the ongoing financial meltdown is having on Gordon Brown’s position as leader. Brownite MPs are claiming that events in the financial world “have fundamentally changed the debate.”

It’s easy to suggest that Labour politicians are clutching at straws, or worse, in complete denial as to the perilous situation the party finds itself in. However, the British are a notoriously cautious electorate, and it’s not beyond the scope of possibility that maybe, if the current global credit crisis continues, they’ll stick with what they know.

Whatever your opinion of Brown’s record of chancellor, there is no doubt that he is hugely experienced compared to George Osborne. Indeed, if polls show a swing back in Labour’s favour, maybe Cameron will consider Iain Dale’s suggestion, and bring back the former ministerial heavyweight, Ken Clarke, as shadow chancellor.

(originally written for Liberal Conspiracy)


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