Lying liars

18 Sep

Finally, it seems that people are seeing through the Sarah Palin bullshit. The latest polls show a clear swing to Obama; this following Palin’s tepid interview with Charlie Gibson and McCain’s truly woeful appearance on The View.

Below, CNN takes the McCain campaign to task over its proclivity for telling porkies ::

via Shakesville (c/o LC)


Predictably, over at LC, trolls have cried “Liberal Bias!” The “Liberal Media” tag is such a crock.

Agreed, MSNBC are liberal – they’re going after a market (they are copying Fox).

The rest of the MSM are not. They got in to bed with Bush in 2000 and were happy to bang the drum for war.

The simple fact is that the Bush administration has been so colossally incompetent, deceitful, and corrupt, that few real journalists could ignore it.

Time and again the Republicans have eroded the political discourse with weak appeals to patriotism. Time and again they’ve fractured America by fighting their culture war. And Time and again the GOP has been mired in scandal.

The Republican Party is a quilt of hypocrisy. They call for free markets but they practise the very worst kind of crony-capitalism. They demand patriotism but refuse to pay for their wars – or look after the troops. They lionise small-government yet have created a hulking state and have rode roughshod over the constitution. They champion merit but have abused their office by stuffing government departments and agencies with partisan hacks.

It’s time for Republicans to shut up for a bit.

Finally, McCain says he’s going to clean up Washington…

So why is his campaign team full of – and led by – K-Street lobbyists?


2 Responses to “Lying liars”

  1. September 20, 2008 at 2:46 am #

    Save us Obama!

  2. September 20, 2008 at 2:46 am #

    Save us Obama!

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