Not all she appears to be. Part Three

2 Sep

Time has an interesting portrayal of the shape-shifting Sarah Palin ::

By the time Sarah Palin was entering state politics, the hottest issue in Alaska wasn’t gay marriage or even abortion. It was corruption and cronyism. Andrew Halcro, a noted Palin critic who ran against her as an independent in the governor’s race, says she knew instinctively that the issues were changing. Plus, he says, her opponents, such as incumbent governor Frank Murkowski, whom she defeated in the primary, were just as hard-right on abortion and guns as she was.

She needed a new political identity to make it to the next level, so ethics reform became her calling card. “She’s a very savvy politician,” says Halcro. “So wedge issues were not part of the portfolio.”

She’s a wily politician. Many are predicting Biden will tear her apart. I think she’ll play every card she has, and play them well. Biden beware.

(via the always-excellent Oliver Willis, who’s concerned about Palin’s attempt to ban books in a public library.)


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