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2 Sep

Over at The Sun – Tabloid Lies, I dissect Jon Gaunt’s latest Sun column – a reader letter of woe in Brown’s Broken Britain ::

So this is why this is red meat to Gaunty and his like. This letter hasn’t been published because it’s a clarion call to society to do more for working families. Quite the opposite, the reason this letter was published is because it’s an open attack on that most loathsome of creatures – the single parent.

Kelly is not so much desperate for help, as desperate to crow about what other people are getting. Society, it seems, has the some cheek to try and create a decent situation for a one-parent child to be born into. Not only must the child not have the benefit of two-parents, it must also be born into poverty as the mother had the carelessness to get herself knocked up (it’s single mums the right hate, single fathers are invariably depicted as martyrs).


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