To be European

24 Aug

I have started to wonder if we’d be better off outside of Europe, and to be honest, whether Europe would be better off without us.

Our rightwing press, as seen here, will continue to poison the rank and file against the European project – and with progressives utterly unable to construct an attractive pro-European argument, it’s all looking rather doomed. The Brits will continue indefinitely to crow about every federalist proposal and pull in the opposite direction, in effect holding the rest of Europe back.

Yeah, I know many other countries have their growing anti-EU movements, but it’s us that exported Euroscepticism, and like a virus it has spread outwards, eating away at the idea of a united (small ‘u’) Europe.

So maybe everyone would be better served by us just slipping away in the night? Maybe Europe would actually begin to function if we just buggered off? And finally, if we did leave the EU, maybe the amount of EU-related absolute fucking bullshit (in the media) would decline? But then, maybe not.


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