Obama Biden ’08

23 Aug

This Week in US Politics ::

Huffington Post – Obama choo-choo-chooses the Senator from Delaware as his running mate. Joe Biden, a foreign-policy heavyweight (he’s chair of the mighty Senate Foreign Relations Committee), should boost the ticket in preparation for a long and dirty fight with McCain.

Politico – Hillary Stiffed! Apparently, the New York senator was never even vetted by Obama. You have to wonder what he could hope to find out that he doesn’t already know, but this might further spice-up the convention, where rumours of a coup still hang in the air.

Daily Kos – If you hadn’t heard, this week McCain dropped the mother of all clangers when he couldn’t answer the question: “how many houses do you own?” With America suffering economically, the GOP wingnuts are doing monkey-flips trying to spin this one.

the blue voice – After consistently ruling out any possibility of a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq, the Bush administration adopts a timetable for withdrawal.

The rest of today’s blog review is up at LC.


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