boris and barack

3 Aug

So BJ The Major Bear has come out in favour of Barack Obama.

I’m not sure Cameron is brave enough to back Obama just yet. So maybe Boris is standing in as Cameron’s proxy – vicariously backing the cool candidate, without explicitly playing his hand.

Cameron will be loathe to endorse a Democrat in haste. The Tories have traditionally been allies with the Republicans. Then again, Labour has historically been aligned with the Dems, yet Blair and Bush had the strongest Atlantic relationship since Thatcher and Reagan. So maybe Cameron, if McCain continues to run a woeful and nasty campaign, will openly endorse Obama – maybe with maximum fanfare at the Democratic convention (this won’t happen, IMO, it would be a bad move for both sides).

Leaving political manoeuvring aside, I think Boris is right that the election of a Black president could have huge implications for Black youth in Britain and America. School-age African Americans would be able to focus on a black man who rose to the top of the American Civilisation. And Britain’s black population could be challenged with the question, “if a black can become the POTUS, why not Prime Minister?”

There is absolutely no doubt that the British and American black communities need more role-models to focus their ambitions. The election of Barack Obama could be the home-run that just might tip the scales. Boris is right.


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