conniving bastards

2 Jul

I need to go out, but I have just come across this story (hat-tip, Lee Griffin) in the Telegraph, which alleges that a leaked internal letter, from chief whip Geoff Hoon MP, suggests that Brown may have bought-off the influential Keith Vaz MP in the 42-Days vote (Vaz *was* on record as opposing the bill) with the promise of a Knighthood.

Is this another example of this conniving rat-bag government using public honours for short-term political gain?

I’m not naive, I know government has always used the honours system for rewarding service, but when they’re caught, they should be punished. My biggest problem is that a government minister went onto the Guardian politics weekly podcast, just after the vote, and chastised Shami Chakrabarti and civil libertarians for being out of touch and undermining democracy by challenging the will of parliament. I’d have more time for the elected chamber if they wern’t so easily bought-off.

I have no idea if this leaked letter proves anything, but we all know that backbenchers were strong-armed into voting for this most illiberal and inhuman legislation. This systematic erosion of our liberties is a one-way ratchet, that must be opposed at every stage.

Right, I really need to go out.


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