r.i.p. tim russert

13 Jun

Photo: © Aaron Mahler (with permission)
Photo: ©Aaron Mahler (with permission)

You won’t find tygerland in mourning for much, but the untimely death of American journalist and broadcaster, Tim Russert, is too much to handle. Those with a finger on the pulse of American politics know that Russert’s Meet the Press is America’s premier political show. The *only* Sunday.

We in Britain lionise our own journalistic icons, but we know nothing quite like Tim. He had the humour and style of David Dimbleby, but the savagery of Jeremy Paxman. A true one-off.

Russert stood for standards that many so-called journalists pretend to adhere to. He would ask the awkward questions, he would challenge the spin, he was someone to admire.

R.I.P. Tim, you earned it.


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