time to ditch new labour?

10 Jun

Sunny asks the question we’re all thinking: Isn’t it time to abandon New Labour?

I have been thinking about this a lot recently.

All the cabinet have been muttering about is reconnecting and relaunching Labour following its problems. And what do they do? They follow the same illiberal policies that have alienated their core political support and upset so much of the country.

In this mode, the government doesn’t have a chance. And to be honest, failure would be for their own good. This cabinet is fundamentally weak, rudderless, and without an ideological direction.

Brown is fooling himself that safety lies to the right of Cameron – on Home Affairs, when in fact the only support that could save his terminal administration is firmly in the liberal camp.

Brown’s biggest problem is his complete inability to connect and communicate. Does anyone really see Brown as a leader? Has he transformed himself from dour bean-counter to leader of men?

The truth is, Brown was never going to be modern political leader. The Blairites knew this. They feared his awkwardness and his lack of savvy.

I don’t think Brown’s a bad person. But he’s poorly advised and lacks some of the talents Blair has in spades.


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