don’t do it hillary, it’s over

7 May

HuffPo has an article declaring the Democrat race to be over.

Oh pluuuuueeeeeaazzze let this be so! If the press manage to wrangle one more narrative twist out of this story, I swear, I’l scream and stamp my feet like a school girl. Surely now, with Obama winning so convincingly in North Carolina and Clinton just inching ahead in Indiana, the race is over? However, rather pathetically, Hillary still refuses to be beaten and is committed to dragging this whole sorry affair to the convention.

The Clintons, now with no real mathematical chance of overturning their delegate deficit, are threatening to cause merry-hell by appealing to “super delegates” (like normal delegates, but with flapping capes and special democracy-defying powers) to overturn the results and usher them back into the White House. Hillary is also demanding that disqualified counts, in Florida and Michigan, are considered (I think with such a contentious election, there is merit in this argument – however, rules are rules, so tough-shit Hilldog).

There is no doubt that this painfully long nomination has been a significant toll on Obama. He looks jaded and has been lacking his previous dynamism. But this is understandable, and given a quiet week away with Michelle to recharge his batteries, I’m sure he’ll return stronger than ever. Also, it’s hard, having already stared down the Reverend Wright saga, to see where the GOP salvos will come from. Few people fight as dirty as the Clintons, so Hillary may have already prepared the electorate for the worst of whatever mud can be slung in Obama’s direction. Now I’m sure the Republican’s best muck-rakers will drag up something – that or they’ll make it up, but I can’t see what’s left for McCain to work with.

Do I think Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States?

I’d like to think so, but if there was one GOP’r able to win the election post-Bush, it is John McCain.


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