more on the chinese olympic hoo-har

8 Apr

Further to my post yesterday, Mr Eugenides has posted an “all bases covered” rant on the pro-Tibet protests.

Here’s the money-quote: –

Generally speaking, and with some exceptions, I am not in favour of sporting boycotts, at least not in isolation. It seems particularly harsh, for one thing, to pick on sportsmen and expect them to salve the conscience of a nation when businessmen line their pockets unmolested by such high-minded considerations. No-one, I notice, is proposing that we stop buying Chinese widgets, or boycott the Jade Inn on the high street, so why should it fall to kayakers and three-day-eventers to wrap themselves in the flag of Amnesty International?

So, whatever else all this may be, it’s not easy. Easy to know who’s in the right, where our sympathies should lie (at least for most of us – of which more in a moment), but harder to know exactly what to do that has any prospect of actually changing anything. Talk is cheap, and there’s a lot of it about.


Having made that wretched decision, we are now being made to look like impotent fools by the Communist leadership. Is it to much to hope that someone elected to speak on our behalf calls a spade a spade, and goes beyond tepid diplomatic boilerplate to tell the regime in Beijing what we truly think of them, not just in relation to Tibet but the civil liberties of their own people? What are they going to do, stop manufacturing Star Wars toys for Christmas? I hardly fucking think so.


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