7 Apr

Those Parisians have extinguished the Olympic flame.


Apparently is was so that the torch could escape protesters and be hidden on a bus. Things are getting nasty, as we saw in London, where the pocket-sized Konnie Huq was mugged by pro-Tibet protesters.

No doubt these campaigners will watch themselves on the news tonight. On their Chinese-made TVs.

You see this is the problem with challenging the Beijing Olympics: it’s so thoroughly hypocritical. Western life is utterly intertwined with the behemothic and authoritarian Chinese state . Our homes are filled with products made by those who suffer under the Chinese communist party and its poisonous and corrupt polity.

It’s not just our politicians – and their sycophantic engagements with Chinese officials – that help justify this brutal regime, it’s all of us. We’re all part of the system that crushed the nascent Tibetan uprising. We support the Chinese system of political and religious oppression by buying its products. We help justify it.

So what’s the point of trashing the ceremonial running of the torch? Our politicians have no power over the Chinese state. We’re heavily indebted to Beijing and we’re falling over ourselves to attract more and more investment.

Brown and Sarko may accept the protesters right to protest, but they both know it won’t change a thing. We need them. They need us.

This post was written on an Apple Macintosh. Assembled in the People’s Republic of China.


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