the henry jackson society. not a bunch of radicals, really

26 Mar

Cassilis produces an always interesting review of the bunkum forced through the sphincter of political thinktanks. This week’s review covers those nicely dressed warmongers at the Henry Jackson Society.

HJS revisit that tired old theme of ‘radical Islam want a global caliphate / you can’t negotiate with that / boost the voice of the moderates’ – Des Browne, Jonathan Powell and Rowan Williams all get stints on the naughty step while Mark Steyn is lauded for his prescience so that should give you the flavour of the piece! Still worth a read though…

So they’ve come to this? Lionising Mark Steyn. Oh, sweet heavenly Jesus on a motorbike.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Steyn is a funny and compelling writer. But he’s also a fruitcake and a neocon zealot. I really resent being lectured to by cheerleaders for more military interventionism in the Middle East. I wonder, who pays for the coffee over at HJS towers?


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